College Student Whiners

This little list of the top 5 reasons why its bad to be an engineering student sure shines a lot of light on today’s generation of snot-nosed whiners:

5. Awful Textbooks
Thick, dry, black and white manuscripts are rarely a source of inspiration and sometimes can cause loads of confusion. 

 No nice pictures to keep my attention.  Why in the world did I try to become an engineer?

4. Professors are Rarely Encouraging
During each class, a professor that would rather be tending to his research will waltz up to a blackboard or overhead projector and scribble out equations for an hour without uttering a single sentence to create some excitement.

Why won’t these people entertain me?  I’m expected to know what they are talking about without them patting my peaked little head every 2 seconds?  The horror!

3. Dearth of Quality Counseling
College students may not have a sense for how to build their resume and they might be clueless about the variety of career opportunities that await them. Unfortunately, some academic advisers do little more than post fliers about internships and hand out a checklist of classes to take.

 Here I is – a college student – and I don’t even know how to pad my resume with useless stuff that might sound good to some poor employer who will be responsible for actually educating me once I’m done with my fun-filled college days.  But these counselor people are supposed to soothe my fevered brow with individual understanding of MY situation and give ME all the answers to how the rest of my life is supposed to work out.  All those other students?  They are on their own.

2. Other Disciplines Have Inflated Grades
Brilliant engineering students may earn surprisingly low grades while slackers in other departments score straight As for writing book reports and throwing together papers about their favorite zombie films.  Many of the brightest students may struggle while mediocre scholars can earn top scores because they have a larger group of supportive friends to or more time to dedicate to studying.

I want my gold star!  This stuff is hard, and I can’t stand it any more!   I’ll tell my mommie on you.

1. Every Assignment Feels the Same
Nearly every homework assignment and test question is a math problem. Only a few courses require creativity or offer hands-on experience.

They actually expect me to learn this stuff.  What unmitigated gall.

Illegals Registering Voters

Of course, its happening in the area around the Communist Democratic People’s Republic of San Francisco:

Buoyed by Super Tuesday’s record Latino voter turnout, a San Jose State University student group — made up of both legal and illegal residents — is planning a widespread, grass-roots campaign to register voters, especially those who can speak for them at the polls.

“I don’t need to live in the shadows anymore,” said Ruiz, a 24-year-old San Jose State student whose mother brought him from Mexico on a tourist visa when he was a child.

Live in the shadows?  Since when does anybody in California actually have to worry about living in the shadows.  Brought here illegally as a child?  Not a problem.  You can attend a state university (wonder if he’s getting instate tuition rates?  not even a bet – I’m sure he is), you can register people to vote, you can give an interview to a local newspaper.  No one will even come check on your illegal butt.

  It’s unknown how many illegal immigrants pay in-state tuition in California, officials said, because the information isn’t tracked to protect students’ privacy.

Because of their status, the students are not eligible for financial aid, and most must earn tuition — more than $2,000 a semester — on their own.

Ruiz and Cardenas don’t hold their status against their parents, saying their time in the United States has given them opportunities they wouldn’t have had in Mexico.

“You can’t just live in a place and not became a part of it,” Ruiz said. “If I were still in Mexico, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

Just another example of Mexico dumping its problems on the US.  Otherwise they might have to actually fix their own third-world toilet of a country so they don’t export their own citizens.  But little chance of that happening any time soon.  All our Presidential candidates just want to either turn their backs or actually beckon them to come.

Whiny CU Twits Protest New President

Apparently because he’s a) not educatered enuff:

State House Majority Leader Alice Madden, a Democrat and CU law school graduate, declared that Benson would be “the least educated president ever considered in modern history.”

And because he actually knows the value of a buck:

He has chaired a $1 billion fundraising campaign for the school, successfully lobbied for a state law to give universities more money, and served on several education boards.

But how in the world can we have an actual Republican (eww, yeech) as the President of the People’s Republic of Boulder University?

A “Boycott Benson” Web site questions the selection process and criticizes his background as a conservative Republican activist. The student government has voiced complaints, and a campus portrait of Benson was defaced with graffiti that said, “I’ve given CU enough $ for an individual right-wing nut like me to be CU’s president.”

And I resent the fact that any of my tax money is going to support a campus full of idiots and traitors, too.  Where do I get my refund?

Venezuelan President Threatens to Nationalize Universities

Here’s a thought – why don’t we just swap with him? Send all our university profs down there and bring theirs up here. He would get socialist, communist, gender neutral pinkos, and we might get someone who would actually teach our young skulls full of mush the threats to liberty posed by jerks like Chavez and Castro and Kim Jung Small, etc.

clipped from
Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, has threatened to nationalize any educational institution that does not adopt his socialist government’s new curriculum.
“All of the schools in the nation must apply this curriculum,” Mr. Chavez said this week during his regular call-in show, Hello, President. “Any school which does not comply — to be nationalized! Any university which does not comply — to be nationalized!”
Mr. Chavez has said that the nation’s educational system should promote socialist, anticapitalist values and that a new curriculum would replace “colonial, Eurocentric ideological education.” That curriculum was supposed to be instituted in elementary and secondary schools last month, but its details have not yet been released.

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Only Liberals Need Apply

For a history professorship at University of Miami Ohio – and everywhere else, of course:

Mark Moyar looks like the perfect fit to teach history at Miami University: first in the history department and summa cum laude at Harvard; Ph.D. at Cambridge; speaks French and German; two successful books and a third on the way …

But wait a minute – what’s this on his resume about teaching at the Marine Corps University and the George Bush School of Government and Public Service? And whoa, don’t choke on your green tea, but look at the title of his book: “Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965.”

Triumph? Vietnam? In the same sentence?

“Your qualifications are fine,” he was told. But Miami’s history department had “its own priorities, its own gaps, its own desires.”

Yet among the dozen candidates the faculty chose to interview were two who did not have doctorates, one whose dissertation was on “Race, Identity and Gender in the Panama Canal Zone,” and another whose scholarship focused on “American Radio in East Asia.”

Moyar wrote to the president of Miami: “Only a person divorced from reality would argue that the history of gender in the Panama Canal Zone or the history of American radio in pre-World War II East Asia are more germane to U.S. foreign policy than my wide-ranging work on the Vietnam War.”

Maybe his work on Vietnam was a bit too wide-ranging.

“The only explanation I can find for the search committee’s extraordinary decision is that the conclusions of my research are inconsistent with the ideological views of members of the search committee,” Moyar wrote.

And the university explanation?  Complete justification by the administration of their rejection of a qualified conservative:

President James Garland backed the history department. When Garland retired, new President David Hodge told Moyar that Miami promotes “diversity of ideas on campus,” but said the faculty had properly picked four candidates to hire, but none accepted. The search was closed. So was the investigation of Moyar’s complaint.

So they end up hiring no one, rather than take the risk of tainint their students with someone who might actually believe in America and American values?  This country needs to clean out these sewers of liberalism.

The Numbers

Just taken at face value, this little bit from Pravda by the Bay doesn’t seem to say too much:

On April 20, 1999, it was Columbine High School: 15 dead, 23 wounded. On April 16, 2007, it was Virginia Tech University: 33 dead, 29 wounded.

Only if you know that 15 dead includes the two pukes who murdered everyone, and 33 dead includes the murderer himself.  They don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence (even indirectly) with the people who they destroyed.  But you can be sure that in every single story from now to the end of time, Pravda and its kin will note that there were 33 dead at Virginia Tech.  In their small way doing their best to make sure that the murderers are considered victims.  And destroying the memory of all those lives taken.