Funny Wedding Photos

What is it about weddings that can bring out the craziness in people?
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Because I'm the bride

Sounds like something my stepmother would write.

Cake Dress

She looks good enough to eat

terrorist Dress

Even Terrorist Fall in Love

Mac Cake

Once You have Mac…You’ll never go back

Bridezilla Attacks

Bridezilla Attacks!

Star Wars Wedding

Yet another Star Wars Wedding

Computer Wedding

Computer Wedding

Condom Gown

A bridesmaid gown made of condoms.

Dog Groom

You may now kiss the dog

Bride Boobs

I don’t which is bigger, the cake or her boobs.

Eagle Cake Topper

Eagle Cake Topper?

Big Veil

Attack of the killer Veil.

Bride of Frank

Happy Halloween

Stuck in the Mud


Up Dress

Looks like she needed some help.

Up Dress


Bride Gun

Maybe you can get a man with a gun.

Spork Dress

The Spork Wedding Dress

game over

Game over man…game over.

Guns at the Wedding

Not really a great way to start your marriage

Loooooong Train

Yet another, Looooooooong Train

Ugly Bride

She’s not that bad.

Undead Bride and Groom

The Wedding of the Undead

Groom in the Pool

I guess he was hot

fall cake

Fall into this cake

Zombie Bride

I now pronounce you Zombie and wife.

Donut Cake

Tasteful, Tasty Donuts

Long Train

Long Train is Loooooooong!!!

Computer Wedding

Geek-y, but cute.

Star Trek Bride

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t her dream wedding.

NES Wedding Cake

Yes…it really is a wedding cake.

Shotgun Wedding

A shotgun wedding at any age…is still a shotgun wedding.

Space Bride

Space-y Bride

Star Trek Wedding

Yet Another Star Trek Wedding

groom with knife

Until death do us part…or after the reception…which ever comes first.

Top Gun Wedding

Pipecleaner Bride

Gamer Bride
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Best Underwater Photos – National Geographic

Some remarkable photos
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Translucent Goby
Translucent Goby, Indonesia
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Spike-Cheek Anemonefish
Spike-Cheek Anemonefish, Indonesia
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Channel Islands Anemone
Channel Islands Anemone, California
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Bannerfish, French Polynesia
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Scorpionfish, Papua New Guinea
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Kaikoura Krill
Kaikoura Krill, New Zealand
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Longfin Bannerfish
Longfin Bannerfish, Marshall Islands
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Swimming Snapper
Swimming Snapper, Florida
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Reef Scallop
Reef Scallop, Yap Islands
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Leopard seal underwater
Leopard Seal Underwater, Antarctica
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Australian sea lion
Australian Sea Lion off Adelaide
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Fish on bubble coral
Goby and Bubble Coral, Indonesia
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