Republicans Need To Stay Away from Obama’s BiPartisan Healthcare Meeting

Why?  Oh maybe because the whole thing is some kind of kabuki theatre where nothing they say will actually be used, but will then give the Democrats cover to continue nationalizing the health care in this country.  Proff?  How about the Secretary of Helpless Hopeless and Stupid:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Monday that President Obama is willing to “add various elements” to health care legislation suggested by Republican lawmakers during an upcoming bipartisan meeting on the topic. But he won’t change the entire plan and he is “absolutely not” hitting the reset button on the legislative process, the former Kansas governor insisted.

That statement alone should let them know that proudly being the party of NO to this monstrosity is a good thing.

Enemies of the State

In your wildest dreams would you think that if this were a Republican administration asking people to snitch on those who opposed it the dead-stream media would be drenching their monitors with spittle-flecked rage?

So here I am Mr. Messiah.  I oppose you too.