Today’s Scientific Duuuuh Moment

Entire NFL is shocked!
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NASHVILLE, Tenn.—New research from Vanderbilt University shows for the first time that the brain processes aggression as a reward – much like sex, food and drugs – offering insights into our propensity to fight and our fascination with violent sports like boxing and football.
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Wal-Mart Derangement Syndrome

Being hated by the wealthy and powerful is perhaps the high cost of serving those with low incomes, and Wal-Mart will no doubt continue to encounter resistance from those who don’t need its services for some time to come.And what a great investment its stock has been and continues to be.
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Wal-Mart has become the poster boy for everything that its opponents love to hate about the modern economy. From its use of nonunion labor to its “low” wages, to its marketing of inexpensive foreign goods, Wal-Mart is uniquely singled out as the most monstrous example of everything that is thought to be wrong with American society today.

The general bias against Wal-Mart extends far deeper than any generic bias against capitalism or against Wal-Mart’s success. The people who hate Wal-Mart seem to have few scruples about shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Target. Even if Target enjoyed a market share similar to that of Wal-Mart, it’s difficult to imagine the same culturally based disdain being directed with nearly as much passion at Target as has been the case for Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart has long served its low-income customers well, and it has improved the lives of many by making food, toys, tools, and clothing more affordable for millions.
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Kangaroo Farts to Save the Planet

Kangaroo farts – the saving of the world.

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AUSTRALIAN scientists are trying to give kangaroo-style stomachs to cattle and sheep in a bid to cut the emission of greenhouse gases blamed for global warming, researchers say.
Thanks to special bacteria in their stomachs, kangaroo flatulence contains no methane and scientists want to transfer that bacteria to cattle and sheep who emit large quantities of the harmful gas.
Researchers say the bacteria also makes the digestive process much more efficient and could potentially save millions of dollars in feed costs for farmers.
Another group of scientists, meanwhile, has suggested Australians should farm fewer cattle and sheep and just eat more kangaroos.
It might take a while for kangaroos to become popular barbecue fare, but with concern over global warming growing in the world’s driest inhabited continent, Australians could soon be ready to try almost anything to cut emissions.

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OK to Eat the Squirrels

Yellow Line Yummies.

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It’s huge news in the world of squirrels and the nuts who eat them: In January, the EPA warned folks to stop eating squirrels that live near a toxic waste dump in North Jersey. The weird thing, right off the bat, is that you would actually need to warn people NOT to do this
Anyhow, the reason why the EPA didn’t want anyone to eat squirrels is because they found lead in a few dead ones. So they issued warnings. Now they say that the lead actually came from the blender used to test the squirrel’s tissue samples. So it’s okay to return to your squirrel eating ways.
Which leads to a larger point about our dietary choices, which are governed by what I call “tail discrimination.” The fact is, the only reason why we eat squirrels, instead of rats, is because squirrels are hotter.
Squirrels are just rats with sexier tails
I think it’s time we put aside our bigoted notions of what makes an attractive tail, and treat rats and squirrels equally. Let’s start Saturday. Barbecue, my place. Noon.

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US Pandemic – Huge Impact Expected

Will you be willing to risk your life by going out – whether to work or just to get food? Scary scenario.

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If a pandemic strikes the U.S., it will kill about 1.7 million people, hospitalize 9 million, exhaust antiviral medications and reduce basic food supplies, according to a planning scenario developed by financial service firms preparing for such a catastrophe.

The three-week scenario compresses the 12-week period a pandemic wave would likely last. Among the other things that may happen in an actual pandemic are school closings, as well as blackouts or brownouts in major metro areas because of degraded service as a result of absenteeism. Internet service throughput could be reduced by 50% due to congestion, and Web browsing timeouts would become common. Airlines would cut schedules, and garbage would pile up on streets.

Many frustrations would arise. Working ATMs might be scarce, and call centers may not have enough staff to help.
there would be less traffic on the road. But for those who are driving, gas prices would be high and fuel supplies reduced

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Save The Planet – No More Fresh Milk

This is why you have to raise all those taxes for global warming. It takes hundreds of government bureaucrats to come up with plans like this. And just think how many people will be needed to kill off half of Britain’s dairy cows.

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Longlife UHT milk pictured on Milk Yard, Shadwell, London

Officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have made
a serious proposal that consumers switch to UHT (Ultra-High Temperature or
Ultra-Heat Treated) milk to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It is part of a government strategy to ensure that some 90 per cent of milk on
sale will not require refrigeration by 2020.

Officials have calculated that by reducing chiller capacity in supermarkets,
convenience stores and corner shops, carbon emissions would be significantly
Another target that has incensed farmers is that methane emissions from dairy
cattle should be reduced by 60 per cent within 15 to 20 years.
Tom Hind, dairy adviser at the National Farmers’ Union, insists that this
target is outrageous and could be achieved only by destroying half the
national dairy herd and reducing it from two million to one million cattle.

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