‘She Deglided, Um, Because She Didn’t…’: #Hillary2016

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This afternoon, Clinton Family Soldier Jennifer Palmieri appeared on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show and, well, um, she, um, like, you know…

From The American Mirror, Olaf Ekberg reporting, we learn [worth quoting in full]:

The Clinton campaign is still groping for two sentences to put together to explain why Hillary’s email server was wiped clean.

Campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri appeared on CNN moments ago to try again to come up with an answer. Instead, it was largely rambling and incoherent.

'Leave the server and take the cannoli'. ‘Leave the server and take the cannoli’.

“When did she decide to delete all — you know, half of the emails she effectively engaged in during her four years as secretary of state,” Wolf Blitzer asked Palmieri.

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Unbelievably Gorgeous Queens of the Geeks

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Anyone can declare themselves “Queen of the Geeks”, as one minor celebrity apparently has done, but just saying sowon’t make the title stick. Especially when there’s dozens of better candidates, like the following list of unbelievably gorgeous geekly greats.


Jeri Ryan, aka Seven of Nine. Pretty much the only reason to watch Star Trek: Voyager. Voluptuous and beautiful.


Yvonne Strahovski, who played the stunning but deadly spy Sarah Walker on the cult classic geek-becomes-super-spy show, Chuck. A better candidate for queen than nearly anyone else not on this list.

Battlestar Galactica

Tricia Helfer, as Number Six in the Battlestar Galactica reboot. For four seasons and a mini-series, she was the inhumanly beautiful face of the human-hunting killer robots. Geeks already worship her, being Queen would be a step down.


Morena Baccarin as Inara Serra the Companion, from the cut-down-too-soon sci-fi show Firefly. Beauty, grace, confidence: Inara had it all…

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New spin: Planned Parenthood needs $500M to prevent 345,000 abortions per year

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We should see some fireworks tomorrow as the Senate begins debate on ending all taxpayer funds to Planned Parenthood:

The legislation, sponsored by freshman Senator Joni Ernst, looks to strip funding from Planned Parenthood — which Planned Parenthood argues doesn’t go toward providing abortions but for birth control and women’s health — and give it to women’s health providers that don’t perform abortions:

National Journal sums up the “rock star’s” legislation:

Instead of merely cutting more than $500 million in grant money to Planned Parenthood, Ernst’s bill redirects…

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OUTRAGEOUS: Some people notice something telling about media reports on 3rd Planned Parenthood video

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Yep. And how depraved is that? Lapdog media is showing its true twisted colors once again lately.

Bingo. Plus, they are afraid of this too:

Foul. Good little lapdoggies, begging for a bowl of kibble from Planned Parenthood butchers.

Infuriating. And it is continuing. After the third ghastly Planned Parenthood video was released (the most gruesome one yet) this morning, some people noticed something quite telling from lapdog media:

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