Rampant Sea Level Fraud In Academia And Government

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In 1982, NASA showed just over three inches (8 cm) of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980. They also showed a sharp slowdown in sea level rise rates after 1950.

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Three inches isn’t very scary, so the EPA has doubled that figure, and shows six inches of sea level rise from 1880 to 1980 – with completely fake acceleration after 1950.

Trends_in_global_average_absolute_sea_level,_1870-2008_(US_EPA) (1)Trends in global average absolute sea level, 1870-2008 (US EPA) – Sea level rise

This graph overlays the two graphs at the same scale. The EPA data is political, not scientific.


Tide gauges show a slowdown in sea level rise rates, so government propaganda agencies tamper with them and now simply ignore them, instead using incredibly poor interpretations of satellite data since 1993. But even this data is being tampered with over time.

In 2004, the University of Colorado (who got beaten up by Oregon yet again…

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Today’s Featured Climate Fraudster – Thomas Pederson

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Global-warming deniers cherry-pick their facts

The cherry-picking season in the Okanagan is over, but it’s alive and well on the letters page of this newspaper, with a classic example via the tired meme: “The planet has warmed very little since 1998.”

Hmmm … why would the letter-writer pick 1998, one wonders? Well, it’s one of the warmest years in recent decades, thanks to a major El Niño, so if you pick that as a starting point — as global-warming deniers are wont to do –– ongoing warming looks less imposing.

It’s spin, pure and simple. The fact is that Planet Earth is heating up. Every decade since the 1970s has been warmer than its predecessor, driven inexorably upward by human-produced greenhouse-gas emissions. And this year is on track to be the warmest of at least the past 1,000 years.

Thomas F. Pedersen

Executive director

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

University of Victoria

Global-warming deniers cherry-pick…

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Trillions and Trillions of Trees make that ‘giant sucking sound’ of CO2 from the atmosphere

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WUWT reader P Wilson writes;

There are just over three trillion trees on Earth, according to a new assessment. The figure is eight times as big as the previous best estimate, which counted perhaps 400 billion at most.

It has been produced by Thomas Crowther from Yale University, and colleagues, who combined a mass of ground survey data with satellite pictures.
The team tells the journal Nature that the new total represents upwards of 420 trees for every person on the planet. The more refined number will now form a baseline for a wide range of research applications – everything from studies that consider animal and plant habitats for biodiversity reasons, to new models of the climate, because it is trees of course that play an important role in removing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

More  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-34134366

The press release from Yale:


Seeing the forest and the trees, all…

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