Learn what America is up Against before it’s too Late — Gene McVay On Guard

So many things in America are not what they seem to be. Take the Ford Foundation for example: The Ford Foundation was originally funded by bequests of Ford Motor Company stock from the estates of Henry and Edsel Ford. While the foundation is noted worldwide for its philanthropy, behind the scenes the Ford Foundation is […]

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Two Hundred Million Dollar Scientific Grant Fraud Case — Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Federal Prosecutors have launched a gigantic fraud case against Duke University, North Carolina, accusing Duke University of embezzling $200 million in federal research grants, by presenting doctored data with their grant applications. Whistleblower sues Duke, claims doctored data helped win $200 million in grants On a Friday in March 2013, […]

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The Curmudgeon, the Wuss, the Dumbass, and the Survivalist

Adaptive Curmudgeon

The Curmudgeon:

For quite some time our clothes dryer has been on the fritz. It’s supposed to turn off automatically when it’s finished drying, but, like a politician, it keeps droning on well past its usefulness. It only does this once in a while so I employ the classic method of just checking on it a lot when I use it. Recently it added a second issue. Intermittently, and for no reason, it would just turn off with the clothes still wet. As a proper Curmudgeon I went on a rant about how a brand-new dryer should last much longer than this. That’s when I realized it was over 15 years old. I accept that appliances in the past lasted for all eternity but 15 years is definitely not brand-new. Even though no one but the laundry room heard my rant, I formally retract it.

The Wuss:

With no plan…

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Political Stupidity

I have found a wonderful blog – The Archdruid Report by John Michael Greer.  There is so much there to read and digest, but let me give a couple of wonderful snippets from some of his posts.

In Scientific Education as a Cause of Political Stupidity we get:

the affluent classes in the industrial world have spent the last four decades or so throwing the working poor under the bus and then rolling the wheels back and forth over them, while insisting at the top of their lungs that they’re doing nothing of the kind.

Wage earners, and the millions who would be happy to earn a wage if they could find work, know better.  Here in America, for example, most people outside the echo chambers of the affluent remember perfectly well that forty years ago, a family with one working class income could afford a house, a car, and the other amenities of life, while today, a family with one working class income is probably living on the street. Shouting down open discussion of interests by insisting that all political decisions have to do solely with values has been a common strategy on the part of the affluent;

And in the wonderful post They Died of Progress there is a clear-eyed and extremely rational look at America’s defense establishment and the decline and fall of empires:

Those of my readers who’ve read up on the last years of vanished empires—the Austro-Hungarian or Ottoman Empires, Romanov Russia or Habsburg Spain, and so on down the list of history’s obituaries—know the results already: the imperial state reduced to a massive but fragile shell, invincible in appearance but shockingly vulnerable in reality, resting ever more unsteadily on a crumbling foundation of ineffective or broken weapons, decaying or abandoned facilities; a political leadership blithely unaware of the gap between its fantasies of invincibility and the reality of accelerating systemic failure; a high command too busy feathering its own nest and playing political games to notice the widening cracks; and a dwindling corps of servicepeople, overworked, underpaid, and demoralized, who nonetheless keep on struggling to prop up the whole brittle mess until the inevitable disaster sweeps their efforts aside once and for all.

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