RINO Voted Out – Now Wants Obama Admin Position

Christopher Shays has always been a disgrace to the Republican Party.  Now after getting voted out for a “real” Democrat, he comes crawling to the Most High and Holy One asking for more government handouts:

Outgoing Republican Congressman Chris Shays of Connecticut, who lost his bid for a twelfth term this week to Democrat Jim Himes, is eyeing a role within President-elect Barack Obama’s administration.

“This is going to be a very exciting administration,” Shays said during an interview on MSNBC. “I think obviously I’d be interested in doing something that the president was interested in.”

Just how big a weasel is this festering pile of feces?

Shays supported John McCain in the presidential election, though tried to tap into some of Obama’s momentum in his own failed campaign. In an August campaign ad, Shays said he would combine the “hopefulness” of Obama with the “straight talk” of McCain.

I’m sure your willingness to get down on your kness before the Great God Obama will be amusing to him.

I Wish I Could Write This Well

Just a wonderful post over at The American Thinker about why the left doesn’t understand conservatives, but how we do understand the “progressives”.  I just wish I could write as well as this:

But we also know that when liberals look at conservatives, no such courtesy or openness of mind is extended.  They don’t see considered issues, critical thought, or the faintest possibility of reason. They see white trash men waving bibles at teen brides, while a gaggle of kids groom each other for lice on a cracked linoleum floor. ‘Bitter clingers’ who mindlessly adhere to second-amendment rights so they can shoot baby possum off a tin fence on slow friday nights. The other sort of conservative invariably invokes 19th century robber barons, plutocrat industrialists swollen with loot plundered from the proletariat, abating their whipping of Dickensian child labor just long enough to polish a monocle.

The whole thing is very much worth your time.  And I will swallow my jealousy and get to work on my writing skills.  Which is probably another conservative thing liberals don’t get.  I know I need to work harder – they just expect someone to forgive their spelling.

Obama Snarky

Remember that kid in high school who sat in the back of the class surrounded by a couple of other slackers who thought he was sooooo cool and smart?  Doesn’t the Obamamessiah remind you of that kid?  The one who thought it was the height of intellectual fashion to use double entendre and be able to insult people to their face?

But they were always gutless turds who when called on it acted like they didn’t have any idea that they might be giving offense.  Why, they are just *giggle* using some sort of common expression *snort*.

Then you turned 14 and realized that it was just childish to be the sniggering jerk in the back of the class entertaining other sniggering jerks.

Or you apparently grew up and went to Harvard Law School and got nominated as the Democrat Party candidates for President of the United States.

And gave the finger to your oponent on TV – just like the sniggering jerk you continue to be:

Oh Noes

Thanks to Sweasel

Thanks to Sweasel

I am frankly amazed at how prickly and snippy Obama is about Sarah Palin, and with what little provocation. I sincerely thought he was a better politician than this. Any political adviser worth a damn knows that you don’t let your Number One scrap with their Number Two, so he’s apparently off the leash and winging it. Bad for him, an all-you-can eat buffet of delightful schadenfreude for me.