Fail Obama – A Hope For America

So now we have the Immaculate and Utterly Perfect Messiah come to reign.  I’m sure that the banal pietes he produces as his gasbaggy inaugural address will be repeated endlessly and will soon be posted in every hippy-dippy classroom in America.

However, what we can hope for is that he fails in what he wants for America.  Because what he wants is going to destroy this country just as surely as the British Empire was destroyed from within.  By the haters and the class-envists and the believers in government.  By those who simply decided that living on the fruits of the labor of others was possible if you just got enough bums together to vote themselves bread and circuses.

That’s the Obama majority.  Gimme whatever you got, its my right!

Well, here’s hoping you fail utterly and completely in everything you do Mr. President.

Hard To Be Humble

  • “President-elect Barack Obama will arrive [in Washington] for his inauguration by train from Philadelphia, making a journey with echoes of the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln.”–USA Today, Dec. 16
  • ” ‘I don’t think that Americans want hubris from their next president,’ Obama told TIME for the Person of the Year issue.”–, Dce. 17