And Let’s Hope This Is Another Coffin Nail For an ex-Senator Bennet

The majority of Americans don’t want Obamacare.  The majority of Coloradans don’t want Obamacare.  So what does Colorado’s appointed Senator want?

Four Senate Democrats wrote Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), asking him to revive the public option in the Senate’s healthcare bill.Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) called on Reid to reintroduce the public option into the healthcare debate through the budget reconciliation process, which would short-circuit filibuster rules and allow Democrats to pass a bill with a simple majority in the Senate.

“Although we strongly support the important reforms made by the Senate-passed health reform package, including a strong public option would improve both its substance and the public’s perception of it,” Bennet wrote to Reid in a letter cosigned by Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

So cramming something the American people want down their throats is soon to be ex-Senator Bennet’s idea of a campaign strategy.  And let’s make sure to start on this path to “nationalization of US healthcare” by bypassing normal Senate rules and doing it through a budget reconciliation process.

I certainly hope that Colorado knocks this schmuck down.  And its funny, because if he gets what he wants you can almost guarantee he will get booted.  If the whole Obamacare fiasco fades into the mists he might have a better chance.

Colorado’s Disgusting Diana DeGette

What a glorious Sunday morning we all just had – aside from the notice that the Democrats had to sneak through their Obamacare monstrosity in the middle of the night regardless of what the American people wish – in all the lovely clips of the disgusting pile of filth Diana DeGette clamoring for the right to murder babies with government money.

Of course, she does represent the Communist People’s Republic of Boulder, but she’s willing to destroy the Obamacare deal in total rather than allow restrictions on public money (including fungible money being swapped from “private” to “public” use) in providing abortion.  Her latest press release says:


Amendment Effectively Bans Abortion Coverage in All Plans in the Exchange, including the Public Health Insurance Options and All Private Health Insurance Plans

and in her letter to the Queen Bee of the House she flatly says she will screw the bill if it comes back from compromise with the “Stupack language” in it:

The Stupak-Pitts amendment to H.R. 3962, The Affordable Healthcare for America Act, represents an unprecedented and unacceptable restriction on women’s ability to access the full range of reproductive health services to which they are lawfully entitled. We will not vote for a conference report that contains language that restricts women’s right to choose any further than current law.

See, there are things that Democrats want more than “providing insurance for everyone”.  If it doesn’t include the right to murder the unborn, then its not worth supporting.

Bribing You With Your Own Money

Aren’t you just so excited that the Energy Secretary announced spending another $34 million bucks we are borrowing from our great-grandchildren?

Colorado will get more than $34 million in federal stimulus money for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Wednesday.Of the total, $9.5 million will be used to expand the Renewable Energy Rebates and Grants Program, Chu said. The other $24.6 million will go to the State Energy Program.

I know that in the context of federal spending $34 million is peanuts, but take a minute to think about it.  If you assume the average family in Colorado has an income of $50,000 that would mean that this is the equivalent of taking the entire working wage for a whole year of 680 families (assuming they actually netted $50,000) just to pay for this silly scheme.  And what will it buy this wonderful $34 million?

“This funding will allow Colorado to make major investments in energy solutions that will strengthen America’s economy and create jobs at the state and local level,”

Without the political baloney please

Part of the money will be used for rebates that will reimburse homeowners for a portion of the cost of activities such as energy audits or the installation of attic insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, and high-efficiency furnace replacements.

Energy audits, insulation, and furnace replacements.  Just how many furnace replacements will this buy?  At $5000 per for the highly efficient ones they will subsidize – believe me I know since we were forced to replace our furnace – and assuming they took the entire $34 million and paid for the whole thing that would be 6800 furnaces!  That would also assume none of this will go to the bureaucrats and bean counters and porn surfers in the state government.  So at max 6800 homes affected in this way – with approximately 2 million total homes in the state.  A whopping .34% of Colorado homes could be helped with your tax money!

What is that?  People will replace their furnaces without government subsidies?  Oh you silly goose.  People would sit in the homes and freeze to death without the government coming and telling them that their furnace needed to be replaced.

But it isn’t all being spent on furnaces what about all those energy audits and insulation and duct tape – so that .34% overstates the impact a bit.  And don’t forget that there’s much more:

It will also be used for incentives for residents and businesses that use onsite renewable energy technology, particularly home heating systems, and the state will also offer $400 rebates for the purchase and installation of efficient biomass-burning stoves that can make use of the state’s wood-pellet resource.

Biomass burning stoves?  There is an EPA restriction on the whole of Denver that pretty much outlaws the burning of anything in order not to offend Mother Gaia, so Denver and its surrounding counties don’t get this lovely benefit.  And I think the ecoFreaks consider the cutting of any tree as the equivalent of murder.  But I know I want to get in line for my $400 stove subsidy.  Well, except for the fact that putting it into my house would mean completely redoing the heating system and putting in a chimney and it would probably end up costing me thousands of dollars to actually get my $400 bucks.  So I guess I will pass – as will anybody who actually has a brain and thinks will also do.

And there’s even more:

The money will also be used for programs to help state agencies, including public schools, reduce their energy use and carbon emissions. The state says it will promote greater energy efficiency in new and existing homes with programs such as a “whole house tune up” that bundles efficiency incentives.

Note that first sentence there – state agencies will use it.  How they will use it is not specified, but it will be used I’m sure.  But somehow you just know that when it comes time to actually account for how this money is used (and we all know that will happen when pigs develop the ability to levitate) all these wonderful audits, and insulation programs, and wood pellet stoves, and furnace replacements will be a drop in the ocean.  This money is going to help keep your state government running and interfering in your life.

This isn’t about energy or carbon credits or anything.  Its just a transfer of your federal tax dollars to the state government for them to pay people to run around piously proclaiming their green credentials.  Aren’t you so glad your taxes are being used in this way?  Because children unborn will be paying interest on this useless waste of money.

Putting State Checkbook Online Passes Colorado House

Good for Representative Nikkel:

HB 1288 passed out of the House on third reading Thursday morning. Four Democrats, Reps. Joel Judd, Gwen Green, Sara Gagliardi and Su Ryden voting no.

House Bill 1288, legislation seeking to put the state’s checkbook online, was approved on second reading in the House Wednesday.

On April 2, Gov. Bill Ritter, a Democrat, signed an executive orderB.J. Nikkel, a Loveland Republican and HB 1288’s sponsor, says Ritter’s executive order does not go far enough and has continued to advocate for her bill’s passage. also geared toward putting state finances online. But Rep.

While the efforts may be similar, Nikkel says it’s important that transparency be accomplished through statute and not executive order because orders can be repealed at any time by any governor and for any reason. Additionally, she has criticized Ritter’s plan to put state expenses online, saying it only allows for aggregate spending totals in many instances.

Interesting that the only opposition was from Democrats.  I wonder why they would want ot hide state expenditures from the very people who are being extorted for the money?

Why We Don’t Need To Go F.A.S.T.E.R.

Let’s start with a small thought experiment.  Assume that you are a long-serving company CEO.  You have been running the company well enough that it makes a profit-nothing outstanding-and you have been reporting good results to the board and to shareholders.

However, you now come to the board and say, “The economy has really gotten bad.  Our revenues are way down, and I have a problem.  During the past years I have never maintained our fleet of trucks.  We always had enough money that I could just buy new trucks instead of maintaining the old ones.  But new trucks are too expensive and now I need lots of money to fix up all the trucks that are getting old and need to be repaired.”

I think the first question you would be asked is something along the lines of this, “What do you mean you never maintained the trucks?  What kind of idiot only buys new trucks and never maintains the old ones?  How much of the capital of our company have you wasted?”  This would inevitably proceed to questions about prudence, planning, common sense and ends with a statement along the lines of “You’re Fired!”

It would be impossible to think that someone running a company would ignore the common sense of preserving capital investments by maintaining them to ensure long service and appropriate returns.  Then why do we repeatedly have to endure similar idiocy from the political class?

You can tell it’s a recession when the politicians begin loud complaints about the lack of money to maintain the roads and bridges.  Just four short years ago, our political class came hat-in-hand whining about how TABOR was going to kill the state and that they needed to keep billions of dollars of tax money for schools and roads and bridges.

This $3.7 billion (which has become $5 billion or $6 billion or more) was a “needed investment” in transportation, education, and health care.  Every special interest with its hand out for a government check supported the measure and so did a majority of the voters of Colorado.

This has provided more than $1 billion a year in extra spending – above what was originally budgeted.  So what has been our experience with the investments our Legislature has made?  We now have the Governor and Democrats proposing increased “fees” for every single vehicle in order to repair Colorado’s “crumbling roads and bridges”.  Yes we now need to go F.A.S.T.E.R.

Of course, this tax increase has to be structured as a fee increase.  The people of Colorado weren’t so crazy as to give up their right to approve any new taxes when they signed over billions in Referendum C.  Our gutless politicians wouldn’t want to do something so rash as to present this to the people of Colorado and have them vote on it, although their website ( explains that is has “broad community support”.

You will just pay a “bridge safety fee” and a “road safety fee” every year.  Forever.  To be increased at the whim of your imperial Legislature.  They wanted to have the “fee” indexed to inflation, but the Senate nixed that automated increase-for now.  Although the Senate has stripped out indexing to inflation and basing the tax on miles driven, we never know what will finally end up on the Governor’s desk should this thing pass the House.

So we have already given the politicians billions, and its not enough.  If they cannot be trusted to use the money they already have, why should they be trusted with more?  Today promises are the same as we have always heard.  We know that the spenders will be crying for more whether they get the money or not.

And we should all vote “You’re Fired” to anyone who supports the latest iteration in the rip-off of the taxpayers.

Ballot Initiatives for Sale

Well, my State House Representative–Amy Stevens–tried, but it looks like the Democrats still prefer to be able to pay people to keep initiatives off the Colorado ballot.

The House State Affairs Committee killed a bill Tuesday that would have made it illegal to remove a ballot initiative in exchange for compensation of any kind.

Rep. Amy Stephens, R-Monument, sponsored the legislation in response to a 2008 pre-election deal between business leaders and unions that resulted in the removal of four anti-business initiatives from the statewide ballot in exchange for $3 million to the unions.

Now doesn’t that present an interesting situation?  Here’s how Jon Caldera described it:

Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, testified in favor of the bill. He was a primary backer of Amendment 49 and told the committee that on the eve of the deadline to remove initiatives from the ballot, he was offered $800,000 to pull the initiative. “What an idiot I was not to take that $800,000,” Caldara said, sarcastically adding he now has incentive to put bad measures on the ballot in order to gain financial benefit.

Wouldn’t some slick little hustler have a field day with this kind of setup – which the Democrats and unions stood up for:

Democrat go-to attorney Mark Grueskin, who served as legal counsel for the unions during the 2008 election, testified in opposition. He argued the bill would violate free speech by banning a monetary exchange for removing a ballot measure. “Like it or not money is speech under both [the Colorado and U.S.] Constitutions,” he said.

The bill was ultimately killed on a 6 to 5 vote, with McCann being the only Democrat to vote in favor. Stephens was disappointed, but said she would continue to pursue the issue. “Now that we know those are the terms, we have a new Chicago-style politics,” she said.

Sen. Mike Kopp, R-Littleton, was the bill’s Senate sponsor and called its defeat the “Blagojevich-ization” of Colorado.

Not the best of pictures, but Amy is looking on there in the center

Not the best of pictures, but Amy is looking on there in the center

I just love that “money is speech” line from a Democrat Union attorney.  These are the ones who want to place restrictions on Republican money and then throw their slush funds behind the latest crook (nee The Messiah) while their oppoents hands are tied.

Anybody want to work to get some union-busting ballot initiative going?  We can split the bucks when the thugs come to pay us off.