15 Patients Die in SF Hospital During Earth Hour

clipped from www.bbspot.com
San Francisco, CA – Fifteen patients on life support and in surgery died at San Francisco General Hospital when power was cut for “Earth hour” on Saturday.
The hospital was pleased with their participation in the worldwide celebration of the planet.  “We asked all the patients and their families if they were all right with us cutting the power.  To a person, they all said as stewards of this planet it was their duty to observe Earth Hour.  They knew the risks and were willing to take it,” said hospital administrator Lawrence Cho.
Cho said that it was a net gain for planet Earth, despite the deaths. “The dead patients will no longer use any energy, and actually will be turned into energy in our patient incinerator,” said hospital administrator Lawrence Cho.
Heart surgeon Dr. Gregory Morris was doing an open-heart procedure when the lights went out.  “I wasn’t sure what I was cutting into.  Turns out it wasn’t his heart, but his bowels.  Unfortunately, Mr. Simms didn’t make it.”
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Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Doomsday

clipped from www.thepeoplescube.com

Lyrics by Comrade Ivan Betinov, music by Santa Claus, global warming by Al Gore

It’s beginning to look a lot like doomsday
Every-where we turn
we see ice caps are getting thin
because of our global sin  and polar bears are getting a sunburn

It’s beginning to look a lot like doomsday
Just as Gore did cry
buy a carbon credit right now
to offset your farting cow  If you don’t we’ll die!

But the Pa-r-ty bure-au-cra-ts in Bali will set all th-ings to right
Glo-bal warming deniers, they will lose their pitiful fight
The Carbon Credits guard us while we sleep And the little Dutch boy has no cause to weep…no…more!

It’s beginning to look a lot like doomsday
Don’t you dare forget:
Buy a compact flourescent light,
Turn off the heat at night, and huddle together with your household pet!

It’s beginning to look a lot like doomsday
Red banners now unfurl
And the whims of the PCC
Soon will be a state decree
All across the world,  all acro-o-oss the-e-e Wor-l-d!

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Hillary Beaten, Jailed For Anti-Bush Activities

Sort of makes the hysterical cries of the BDS crowd look like the rantings they actually are, doesn’t it?

clipped from www.thepeoplescube.com

IOWA – A day after Russian police beat up and arrested the opposition leader Garry Kasparov, the Bush Administration followed suit and ordered a beating and arrest of Hillary Clinton, Ushanka news agency reports. Former First Lady Hillary Clinton was picked up and sentenced to five days in prison on Sunday, during a campaign stop in Iowa that ended in clashes with police. One of Bush’s harshest critics, she was charged with organizing an unsanctioned procession, chanting pro-Big-Government slogans and resisting arrest, court documents said.

Third World leaders find Bush’s attack on America’s freedoms alarming.

Hillary’s coalition, which includes radicals, Democrats, and Nixon-era dissidents, has drawn wide media coverage but generated little public support. Its ranks have expanded, though, as more foreign dictators complain that officials have excluded them from freely contesting the upcoming U.S. elections.

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