Republicans Need To Stay Away from Obama’s BiPartisan Healthcare Meeting

Why?  Oh maybe because the whole thing is some kind of kabuki theatre where nothing they say will actually be used, but will then give the Democrats cover to continue nationalizing the health care in this country.  Proff?  How about the Secretary of Helpless Hopeless and Stupid:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Monday that President Obama is willing to “add various elements” to health care legislation suggested by Republican lawmakers during an upcoming bipartisan meeting on the topic. But he won’t change the entire plan and he is “absolutely not” hitting the reset button on the legislative process, the former Kansas governor insisted.

That statement alone should let them know that proudly being the party of NO to this monstrosity is a good thing.

The First Rule of Holes?

I think this pretty much sums up the nutroots advice to President Oprompter following the Masachusetts election:

Ignore the pundits and reporters.

The conventional wisdom that Democrats are doomed is wrong. But if they accept its premises (as too many have done), Democrats solidify it. So they need to remember that they’re still in charge. Democrats have the White House and large majorities in both houses of Congress. They get to set the agenda

Of course, they are trying to govern expressly against the will of the people.  But they are still IN CHARGE!  And being in charge menas they need to:

Get health care done. The first thing Democrats have to understand is that they already passed health care; they own the legislation. If there is an actual health-care program – however it got passed – then they can start talking about what it actually does. Sure, it will be a tough fight at first to convince people of health reform’s benefits. But once those benefits actually become law, people will see that their grandmothers are not, in fact, being turned into Soylent Green.

The people don’t want it, support for it goes down every single day it continues as people learn more about what it means, 80% of the people are happy with their current coverage and realize you are going to take that away for something less while taxing them to pay for people who won’t work – but get that health care done!

The second reason to pass health care is that no matter what, Republicans will be turning out in force in November. If health-care reform dies, the Democratic base will remain in the pit of despair in which it now resides. Progressives won’t bother going to the polls to support what they’ll rightly perceive as a collection of pathetic, ineffectual wimps.

Now we are getting closer to something like reality.  If we don’t put government in charge, then our totalitarian base supporters won’t come out and vote for us, so we can then try again to put government in charge of more of their lives, so they will vote for us, so….   With the Democrats getting elected in order to get elected again is what its all about.  And those blankety-blank Republicans are already riled up so we need to keep our losses to a minimum.

The last reason to pass health-care reform is this: It’s the right thing to do. We all know that if it dies now, it will be a long time – a decade or more – before we have another chance at reform.

Its the right thing to do because we have the votes to go against the will of the people and just do it?  What a wonderful version of representative government these people are.  I mean think of the seething mass of bureaucrats who are just waiting to spend the rest of their semi-working lives attending commissions, writing rules, implementing rules, changing rules, undercutting other rules organizations, and doing all the hard, useful work of government.  Should we make them wait another decade or more?  Spare the thought.

Forget about bipartisanship. If Democrats get the urge to reach out to their colleagues across the aisle, they need to remind themselves that Republicans have no incentive — or desire — to do anything other than obstruct any and all legislation the Democrats might seek to pass.

Isn’t physically locking Republicans out of the room where bills are being considered and implementation of this advice?  This is what Democrats have been doing since 2006 – and what they always do.  What has been remarkable is that wets like Collins and Snowe held with the Republicans in the Senate and denied them the cover of “bipartisanship” for the monstrosity they have produced so far.

Try to get the unemployment rate down. The truth is that for all the talk of “jobs, jobs, jobs,” only so much can be done in the course of the next few months to help the economy and its most visible indicator, unemployment.

So lots of talk, no actual results.

Show some guts. It would be nice if for once in their careers, Democrats were guided by something other than fear.  Democrats are afraid they won’t be able to find a calm spot within the shifting eddies of public opinion, when they should be asking what they can do to move public opinion.

I think this is the one where all the lefty bloggers miss the boat completely.  These politicians are only interested in getting re-elected – and doing as much damage as they can to America on the way.  However, they are much more sensitive to the fact of what will or won’t get them re-elected.  They will try to do all the destruction, but if it means re-election or destroying the economy – re-election will always come first.

It always happens when the leftists get put into office when the Republicans screw up (as all political parties will do when in office for a long time).  They then fell like they have been given a “mandate” and start doing all the things that they kept hidden from the American public when trying to get into office.  And then the Americans have to yank the reins and get them to stop their obvious slash and burn tactics.

Personally, I don’t mind if the Democrats follow this advice.  The November hole will be so deep maybe none of them will get out of it.

Nelson ready for retirement? Nebraska voters seem to think so.

Looks like there are even some who who like him who will vote against him because of his support of the Senate health care scam.
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The good news for Senator Ben Nelson is that he doesn’t have to face Nebraska voters until 2012.
If Governor Dave Heineman challenges Nelson for the Senate job, a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey shows the Republican would get 61% of the vote while Nelson would get just 30%. Nelson was reelected to a second Senate term in 2006 with 64% of the vote.
Nelson’s health care vote is clearly dragging his numbers down. Just 17% of Nebraska voters approve of the deal their senator made on Medicaid in exchange for his vote in support of the plan. Overall, 64% oppose the health care legislation, including 53% who are Strongly Opposed. In Nebraska, opposition is even stronger than it is nationally.
Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters in the state believe that passage of the legislation will hurt the quality of care, and 62% say it will raise costs.
Overall, 40% of Nebraska voters have a favorable opinion of Nelson while 55% have an unfavorable view.
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Ram It Down Our Throats

The only conclusion that can be reached from recent events is that the Democrats have decided to commit electorial seppuku in order to put the mailed fingers of government around the throats of  the American people.

The more that they actually have to define what “health care reform” means in actual words, the more the support for the idea drops like a stone in a well.  Its really easy to spin wonderful rhetoric of “hope and change”.  Its a completely different thing to start defining your monthly abortion tax and creating death panels.

But as of this afternoon, Harry Reid is calling for Senate Democrats to rally to the cause the vote to shut down all further debate on anything.

I wonder how many pages are in the Senate version of “reform”?