Is the Fear of Obama Justified?

I keep seeing things like this from Rick Moran – a great thinker and writer who has called things straight many times – and I just wanted to comment:

But this fear of Obama has so unsettled many conservatives that any words spoken or written that don’t paint him as the devil incarnate, or damn his policies as the second coming of Karl Marx, or express the widespread view among many conservatives that he will trample the constitution, stifle all dissent, surrender to al-Qaeda, and impose socialism on us – gives the anti-intellectuals the idea that anyone who deviates from their “truths” is an Obama supporter and deserving of being cast into the outer darkness.

This is nuts.

and this:

Obama will not turn America into a Marxist state. There will be no gulags or prison camps where conservatives and Obama regime opponents will be rounded up and sent for re-education (even though there is a sizable subset of Obama supporters who would no doubt crave such treatment of righties).

Obama will not cancel future elections, initiate Soviet style restrictions on free speech (more on the Fairness Doctrine later which, btw, is hardly “a Soviet style restriction”), make us stand in line for toilet paper, or place his smiling visage on 10 story high office buildings in order to perpetrate a cult of personality (I think).

Obama will not “take away” your guns, close churches, shutter conservative newspapers, shut down Fox News, darken conservative blogs, or take any other actions that would smack of dictatorship or authoritarianism.

No actions that smack of dictatorship or authoritarianism?  Its crazy not to take these people at their word.  For example:

Fairness Doctrine – with a wave of your hand you would let the one area of conservative media that can be accessed?  The Democrats in Congress have let out notice after notice after notice that they are coming for talk radio and nothing will stop them.  There is a mention that big corporations are involved, but radio is peanuts for them, so you can simply believe they will be bought off by a Congress willing to shove yet another big pile of billions through the till.  And then what?  Encouraged by their shutdown wouldn’t they come for the internet?  Obama is already talking about appointing a National Chief Technology Officer to his cabinet and then why not nationalize the broadband carriers and enforce them.  All in the name of fairness?

Would such a thing happen all at once?  Of course not.  First they need to get the Supreme Court jiggered to ensure their outcome and the walking dead there are all liberals anyway – so it might take a while.  But why not make sure you get that Rush Limbaugh guy shut up and take your chances with the courts?  They keep saying they will.  Why are you so reluctant to believe them.

Electoral College – For years now the “antiquated and outdated” electoral college has been railed against by liberals.  They have passed laws in several states trying to get around that whole messy Constitutional Amendment requirement that should be followed if they really wish to change this fundamental part of our system – just having votes distributed based on the split of the popular vote.  However, that is only within a state and until they can get all states it doesn’t help as much.  Do you not think they would put on the pressure – and then ACORN can register lots of nice fake voters in the big cities and control every single election for the future.

Would Americans put up with it?  They are in the third full generation of public education by the unions.  Most of them don’t even really understand the Electoral College or the implications of giving the country away to those willing to cheat with its repeal – in theory or in fact.  Is this a fighting issue for anybody?  It would be pooh-poohed by the media as just a technical change to get rid of a nonsensical and undemocratic system set up by a bunch of rich white men hundreds of years ago who didn’t understand the needs of modern society.

The Democrats are actively working in every state to accomplish this by stealth.  Shouldn’t we take them at their word?  Or is that just nuts.

Voter Fraud – Today we see the beginning of a tidal wave of non-existent voters from ACORN and their allies.  Would an Obama justice system investigate any fraud related to ACORN?  They will jump right on any claim against Republicans, but if the whole voting system is stacked to such an extent that no matter how many real votes there are the Democrats come out as winners – wouldn’t that sort of be something to worry about?

Nuts?  Its happening right in front of our eyes today.

So no, I don’t think I’ll have to stand in line for toliet paper or see churches closed (I might see them stripped of their tax-exempt status).  I already see socialism being imposed on us with a Republican administration (nationalized banks, nationalized insurance companies, soon to be nationalized health care) and I oppose it.  I see Democrats in Congress holding hearings on how they can steal all private pension money in the name of “safety” – as Argentina already is moving to do.

I don’t see Obama as a devil, or a Muslim, or much more than an empty suit who can read a teleprompter.  I do see him as the lever to put in place so many things to thwart conservatives and bring forward dependance that we might eventually end up with 2, 3, maybe even 5 or so little balkanized Americas in 20 years though.

How Obama Wins – Lie

Harvey has a nice little fisking of the 10 point program that the Obamessiah is given over at the Huffpo:

At HuffPo, Robert Creamer lists “10” key steps for Obama, but it all boils down to one:


Face it. If Obama told the truth about his platform, he’d get blown out like Mondale in ’84. “I want to raise taxes, regulate our economy into stagnation, and talk to terrorists until they blow us up, after which I would talk to them even more.”

The individual points are great – I recommend the whole thing of course:

5). Nationally, the campaign must create a mass movement.
Lie to a LOT of people.

6). Democrats must convince skeptical swing voters that Obama is safely on their side.
Lie a LOT to a lot of people.

8 )  Democrats need to undermine public confidence in McCain’s competency and judgment with respect to the War in Iraq.
Lie about the war. Say things like “Only McCain would be stupid enough to believe that you can defeat terrorists by killing them”. Try to keep a straight face while doing so.

Doug Lamborn – Colorado CD5

John Andrews nails this one:

Republicans lost Congress in 2006, and may lose more seats in 2008, largely because members forgot it’s all about the principles, the party, and the country, acting instead as if it was “all about me.” Unless I’m missing something, that’s also the reason two primary challengers are hounding Congressman Doug Lamborn in Colorado’s 5th congressional district this summer.

As a freshman, Lamborn has compiled one of the most stellar conservative records in the US House or Senate, bar none. Club for Growth ranked him in their top 5 out of 535 members in the two bodies. National Journal rates him No. 1 among all House Republicans in consistently voting against Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

He co-founded the House Caucus on Missile Defense and battled his way onto the diminished GOP side of the Armed Services Committee.

His endorsements for re-election, in addition to the Club for Growth, include National Federation of Independent Business, National Pro-Life Alliance, National Right to Work, Concerned Women for America, Republican National Coalition for Life, and the Minutemen Civil Defense PAC.

Other than that, he has done nothing, earned no one’s admiration and support, and put up a big zero for the conservative cause, the state of Colorado, and the people of his Colorado Springs-centered district.

It’s hard, therefore, to discern any motivation for the greater good or causes beyond themselves that would be driving ex-Hefley staffer Jeff Crank and retired Gen. Bentley Rayburn to force a rematch with Lamborn after losing to him two years ago.

These are two likable, accomplished, and capable men as best one can tell, but (news flash) we already have a solid Republican congressman in the 5th. So the burden of proof is on them to demonstrate objective reasons why either should displace the honored and honorable incumbent of their own party.

Absent some such reason — and I’ve seen none — the only remaining explanation is such nakedly selfish assertions as “I belong in Congress” or “He’s not half the man I am” or “This is my destiny.” Gag.

This is the kind of “me generation” thinking that eventually produced rank overspending, gross expediency, incumbency mania, scandal, and in some cases even prison terms for the GOP idealists of 1994 as things spiraled downward toward the voters’ repudiation in 2006. Why dump a proven conservative whose record shows he is not susceptible to any of those things, and put another “all about me” contender in his place?

The sensible decision for Republican primary voters, come August, is to keep Rep. Lamborn right where he is, and encourage Mssrs. Crank and Rayburn to find other outlets for the public service which they unconvincingly claim is their only motive.

Bang that Sippy Cup

The Anti-Idiotarian Rotweiller has a wonderful article about the latest Obamessiah’s pronouncement that his poor, suffering, first-time-proud-of-America-in-her-adult-life wife was off limits to Republicans.  (Beware the emperor has very very strong language):

Here is the latest issue that must not, EVER be talked about, presumably because it “distracts from the real issues”, whatever in the name of Socrates’ left nut those might be.

So now we’re not allowed to talk about his wife’s statements when she’s on the campaign stump, stumping for him?\

The rest is hilarious, but what I found just outstanding was the first comment posted:

I can hear that sippy cup banging all the way down here.

So we can’t talk about his wife, his pastor, his “Typical White” grandmother, his wanting to sit down for a bender with Amadinnerjacket……..what the hell else is this piker gonna want to stamp his feet and hold his breath about?

Someone needs to change his diaper and put his ass back in his crib. Definitely NOT ready for Prime Time.

Dear RNC

Shakey Pete’s Shootin’ Shack has some interesting words for the great minds who are running the Republican Party into oblivion:

We lost that seat in Mississippi the other week because the Donks accused that guy of being in cahoots with the Klu Klux Klan. Oddly, there is an (ex?)Klansman who is the “dean of the Senate”. How does that work? How is it that you allow the Democrats, the Party of Slavery, the Party of the Klan, the Party of Jim Crow accuse our guys of racism? Why are you not buying time with excerpts of Democrat speeches. Perhaps that famous speech about having Old Glory tramped in the dirt, never to rise again from Byrd? How about Segregation Now, Segregation Forever from Wallace. Maybe some juicy quotes from Orville Faubus? How about telling everyone just which Democrat who, on assuming the Presidency in 1913, fired or demoted so many Black Americans in government service and re-segregated Washington DC?

Yes, Republicans – if you don’t defend yourself you will be swamped in lies.  And that’s why we know John “Not Going To Go Negative” McCain is going to be devastated with lies, innudendo, and smears this fall.  If your opponents know you won’t fight back it just frees them to come up with even more things with which to beat you.  In fact, you get things like this one from the KosKiddies (documented at LGF since they chickened out and took down the image):

Yes – this is what they want the image of Republicans to be.  In fact, this seems to be their wet dream – Republicans torturing black women while burning up the middle class.  And if you aren’t going to stand up and act like you have a pair then you can count on losing so big you won’t even begin to understand just what hit you.

Your enemies can and will destroy you.  Its your fault if you just sit back and let them.

Fast Decline or Slow?

Lemuel has a really good analysis of the Republicans in the past 20 years over at Hillbilly White Trash.  The whole thing is very good, but some of my favorite parts are:

The Republican party cannot achieve majority status if its program is simply to run along behind the Democrats calling out “me too, me too – but just not quite as much”.

For far too long Republicans and “conservatives” have been mainly occupied with looking at whichever bit of socialism the Democrats are currently pushing and coming up with their own plan which goes in the same direction, but just not as far.

The Republican party has worked hard for 20 and more years to earn its coming defeat. It is my hope that the party will at long last learn its lesson and understand that it must be a conservative party. I pray that it comes to understand that the Republican tent must be large enough to hold everyone who upholds the three pillars of conservatism, social conservatism, fiscal conservatism and foreign policy conservatism. But not one square inch larger.

The trend since Reagan has been government for government’s sake – especially with the Republicans spending like drunken sailors before they got kicked out of power in 2006.  Our future doesn’t look very good at this moment – either as a Party or as a Country.

What Would Make The Obamamessiah Lose His Supporters

House of Erasthones has a good starting list including:

7. Obama asserts Israel’s right to exist.

3. Obama answers a question directly and substantively instead of launching into a diatribe about how badly George Bush has handled something.

2. Obama calls on Jimmy Carter to be quiet, and for once earn this “dignified elder statesman” label people keep putting on him.

1. He says some nice things about America.

I might add a few:

  • Obama calls on America to explore its coasts and wildnernesses for oil and gas in order to reduce dependence on foreign sources
  • Obama actually realizes that raising the capital gains tax would REDUCE revenues (along with hurting the economy)
  • Obama announces he would hold our enemies like Achmadinacrazy and Hugo “Fidel” Chavez to the same ethical standards as he does of Republicans
  • Obama announces that increasing America to 57 states would be a good thing 🙂

What is More Important

The House of Erosthenes got me to thinking about what people would consider to be more important in choosing a President. If you were given this list of issues, what three would you consider to be the most important?

  • The color of the candidate’s skin
  • The shape of the candidate’s genitals
  • The way in which a candidate wants to have sex
  • The willingness of the candidate to protect court-mandated abortion
  • The candidate’s understanding of what a captial gains tax is and the consequences of raising or lowering it
  • The candidate’s hatred of their opposing party
  • The candidate’s proposals to “take” legitimately earned company profits
  • The candidate’s inability to understand how oil is priced in a global market
  • The candidate’s understanding of and protection of black racists
  • The candidate’s understanding of 9/11 as defined by the Golden Rule
  • The candidate’s inability to understand the affect of taxes on the final price paid for products
  • The candidate’s proposals for increasing taxes in a down business cycle
  • The candidate’s proposals to “talk” to those who want to kill us
  • The candidate’s proposals for losing the war on terror
  • The candidate’s proposals to repeal the laws of physics in generating “green” energy

And those are the choices for you if you are really a Democrat. Inquiring minds want to know.