Palin Obession and the Left

Today’s Puffington Host home page has 7 headlines with Sarah Palin’s name in them:

Watch as Robin Williams takes on Sarah Palin –

Trooper who Warred with Palin Breaks His Silence –

Find Out Where Palin is spending Thanksgiving –

Palin and Twilight American Pilgrimages –

Beck Rules Out Running with Palin –

Palin Tricked by Comedian Again –

Palin Supporters Struggle to Explain why they support Palin –

And that’s not counting the obvious takeoff on a book that will easily sell a million copies this year:

A Rogue Thanksgiving –

Of course they aren’t obsessed, they are feces dribbling scared.

The Truth About Liberalism

I’ve been chewing over this wonderful little missive from the socialism according to David Sirota:

I know I should be mortified by the lobbyist-organized mobs of angry Brooks Brothers mannequins who are now making headlines by shutting down congressional town hall meetings. I know I should be despondent during this, the Khaki Pants Offensive in the Great American Health Care and Tax War. And yet, I’m euphorically repeating one word over and over again with a big grin on my face.


Finally, there’s no pretense. Finally, the Me-First, Screw-Everyone-Else Crowd’s ugliest traits are there for all to behold.

Let’s run through the list:

1.  denigration of protesters who are too well dressed – check

2. setting up strawman that opposing socialism and healthcare takover by Obama and the government is simply selfishness – check

3. implication that only those who want to steal somebody else’s money to “give” “free” “healthcare” to those who won’t pay for it – check

Its very rare that liberals will flat come out and say so clearly that a) you have something they want and b) they will steal it from you at the barrel of a gun.

What They Will Scream: But 38.5 percent is disproportionately high! See? You’ve proved that the rich “contribute more than their share” of taxes!

What You Should Say: Actually, they are paying almost exactly “their share.” According to the data, the wealthiest 5 percent of America pays 38.5 percent of the total taxes precisely because they make just about that share — a whopping 36.5 percent! — of total national income.

Note that a) this admits that the ‘rich’ are already paying a disproportionate share of taxes and b) these stats don’t include the complete and utter rape that will occur if the Democrat plan as proposed in the house passes.

So if you want to actually keep the money you earn – and note he’s saying that whatever you are paying now its not enough – you are just a Me-First Selfish person.

Of course, he reveals himself as a thief, but that’s the truth of liberalism.<.p>

Find This Man and Kill Him

Which seems to be the next step. How dare he walk “within several feet of her personal space”, not say anything, and simply walk away.

Just how crazy is Liberal America now? All men are animals – which is what the political correctness indoctrination from age 5 has told every woman – so this guy had better learn to walk somewhere that there are no women. Or within several feet of a woman’s personal space.

clipped from

UCONN Police Reporting a Suspicious Occurrence and Safety Alert:

On 2/7/09 at approximately 6:35 PM a suspicious incident occurred at Hilltop Apartments, in the parking lot between the Beard and French buildings. A male approached a female from the opposite direction and came up within several feet of her personal space. The female turned around and left the area. The male walked away in the opposite direction. The male did not say anything or make physical contact with the female. The intention of the male is unknown. Description as follows: a white male 6′ 0″ with shoulder length brown hair wearing a red or brown cloth jacket and jeans. Male described as older than college age. The male had a round face and large build.

If you have any information or witnessed the incident please call UConn Police at 486-4800. As always, you are encouraged to travel in groups at night and in well lit areas. Please notify police of any suspicious activity to police immediately.

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Human Rights Watch – Just Another America and Israel Bashing Liberal Organization

The article at the Jerusalem Post notes:

Seventeen blown apart shopping in Istanbul; eight children gunned down at a Jerusalem school; 58 slaughtered in front of the Indian Embassy in Kabul. These are just some examples of the terrorist atrocities that plagued the world in the past year. Yet NGO superpower Human Rights Watch, winner of this year’s UN Prize for Human Rights, did not find these incidents of mass murder and violations of the most sacred of human rights, the right to life, significant enough to merit a single comment. Instead, it spends millions attacking Western democracies for doing their best to protect civil liberties and fight terror in an age where its perpetrators have no respect for human life and are driven purely by hate and religious fanaticism.

Just another leftist anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-selfhateing bunch.  You go to their website just today (find it on your own – I don’t want to give them any help) and there are links about how US Trade shouldn’t actually expand (and therefore make everyone in the world better off), bashing Israel over Palestinian land rights (and saying nothing about the murder of Jews by Palestinians at all), blah blah blah blah.  Pick your liberal shibboleth and there is your link.

Just as Amnesty International is concerned only with American violations of terrorist rights, so Human Rights Watch becomes yet nother turd in the bucket of liberal organizations.

I Wish I Could Write This Well

Just a wonderful post over at The American Thinker about why the left doesn’t understand conservatives, but how we do understand the “progressives”.  I just wish I could write as well as this:

But we also know that when liberals look at conservatives, no such courtesy or openness of mind is extended.  They don’t see considered issues, critical thought, or the faintest possibility of reason. They see white trash men waving bibles at teen brides, while a gaggle of kids groom each other for lice on a cracked linoleum floor. ‘Bitter clingers’ who mindlessly adhere to second-amendment rights so they can shoot baby possum off a tin fence on slow friday nights. The other sort of conservative invariably invokes 19th century robber barons, plutocrat industrialists swollen with loot plundered from the proletariat, abating their whipping of Dickensian child labor just long enough to polish a monocle.

The whole thing is very much worth your time.  And I will swallow my jealousy and get to work on my writing skills.  Which is probably another conservative thing liberals don’t get.  I know I need to work harder – they just expect someone to forgive their spelling.