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A happy conservative living in Monument, Colorado. Living an extremely good life through the wonderful influence of my wife, my family, and a country that has continued to provide me with opportunities to excel.

“I will not surrender”

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  1. Hello over there!! Just visited and loved the site, am from Britain and really amazed that your readers are so close knit and insular!!! Open your minds, relax and stop worrying. Attitudes like yours seem to have dies out millions of years ago everywhere else so I am glad that they are alive and well somewhere. Maybe you could open an online museum? shall we call it The Museum of Narrowmindedness???? The home of Reactionaryness??? Sleep well everyone who belives this sort of site relects modern life, the only way that you could find these sort of views here in the UK is by getting a time manchine. Ta ta. Paddy, Manchester.

  2. Yup, Another lie from the right.
    I can see that the lack of air has made you dumb!
    W lies lots die! that is soldiers!
    The truth shall rain down on the heads of the right!

  3. Normally I would of sent this via email, but I could not seem to find your contact info on your site. So I hope this is ok!

    Your voice is needed!

    You have been nominated to become apart of the Grizzly Groundswell, which has a goal of assembling representatives of the politically-conservative blogosphere from all 50 states by November 22nd, 2007. You are the type of person we’re looking for to represent your great state – conservative, politically-active, interested in making a change, starting in your own back yard. 

    Here’s the Groundswell’s intro:
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    For more info, see the Grizzly Groundswell Home Page, and the   Current State Governors by State with Map
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    Hope to hear from you, soon.  Please reply to this e-mail, theclayempire@chadeverson.com

    I thank you for your time and do not let this great opportunity pass you by!

    Chad Everson
    Teddy Bear
    Grizzly Groundswell

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  5. Hi:
    Great website. Glad I found it. I spend a lot of time on Youtube, and I would encourage anyone who is concerned about what is happening to America, to go to Youtube and watch videos on what is happening in muslim countries right now, and what is happening in our own country.

    I’ve learned a lot just watching and listening to the brave people on Youtube, some of them receiving over 100 death threats just for telling the truth. The Qu’ran, Shariah Law, and islamic priests’ writings explained by people who read Farci, and troll muslim websites. It’s mindboggling. People, for the most part in the US, do not understand what muslims believe. They don’t have a clue. People need to wake up fast.

    Also, The Jewish Council of Hamburg Germany is going to file suit against Youtube/Google to remove anti-semitic videos (which there are almost none) I’m pro-Isreal, and there are almost no anti-semitic videos. If they win, which they always do, muslims will follow suit, and all of the evidence of what they “are” will vanish. This is a critical situation.

    Right now in Iran, under Shariah Law, they are hanging gays, women and young girls and boys, burying people up to their elbows and stoning them, removing eyeballs, beatings, and cutting off hands. They are trying to bring Shariah Law to a province in Canada.

    WE ANIT GONNA TAKE IT. no sir we aint
    Sex with Children : Investigate Islam
    Muslim Sesame Street I: do the “Death to America” thing
    England – Islam Victory in Europe – Muslims
    Geert Wilders in HARDtalk – part 1
    Rioting over women’s rights in Bangladesh – 12 April 08
    Everywoman – Women and terrorism – 11 April 08 – Part 1
    Death Penalty For Apostates (Zakir Naik)
    Wife Beating in Islam – The Rules
    Wife Beating in Islam – Only a rod will help!
    Wife Beating in Islam – No more than 10 blows!
    Wife Beating in Islam – “The woman is totally isolated”
    Wife Beating II – our islamic cultural heritage
    Saudi Doctor Explains Wife Beating & Subservience in Islam
    Wife beating in islam – Beatings are Indispensable

    and so many more, new added all the time.

    Forgive me if I am telling all of you about things you already know about.

    Quotes from Youtube:

    1. According to a yougov poll:
    45% of “british muslims” sympathise with the 7/7 bombers motives
    74% of “british muslims” disagree with the PM’s statement that the 7/7 bombings where “Perverted and poisonous”
    32% of “british muslims” think western society is “immoral” and they should seek to end it
    27% of “british muslims” would not tell the police if they thought someone was going to carry out an attack
    53% of “british muslims” would not tell the police if an imam was trying to radicalise muslims.

    2. (2008)Denmark and all throughout the mideast & europe, people converting to islam. The threat of getting your head chopped off is very convincing for the weak spirited. by gunnyr……

    3. Muslims: In their world if they defy allah they are going to burn in hell. It’s better to stone someone than challenge the imam or koran. Sad, but true.

    4. According to a Demographic and Health Survey within Islam: Number of marriages between first cousins between 1990 and 1995 are
    1. Sudan – 57%
    2. Pakistan – 50%
    3. Mauritania – 40%
    4. Tunisia – 36%
    5. Jordan – 36%
    6. Saudi Arabia – 36%
    7. Syria – 35%
    What a lot of inbreeding. Reason and logik does not exist among the products of these inbreeding.

    5. Kaaba temple holds a Shiva Lingam phallus idol and was built by King Vikramaditya. The text of the crucial Vikramaditya inscription, found inscribed on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, is found recorded on page 315 of a volume known as ‘Sayar-ul-Okul’ treasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey. BTW, Shirk is the greatest of sins with the exception of worshiping a box full of Muhammad’s hair in Mevlâna mausoleum, Konya, Turkey…

    6. Read the detailed descriptions that ayatollah Khomeini wrote about sex with women, animals, and babies (which islam approves of. Thighing, et cetera.

    7. If one really wants to know what Islam really teaches, and who the real Muhammad is, one must read the oldest biography and history of them, written by Muslims. These works are 1.Sira Rasul Allah, written 750 A.D. by Ibn Ishaq(English translation is called The Life of Muhammad, by Alfred Guillaume);and 2. History of al-Tabari, written between 870 A.D.-920 A.D.; 3. Any Hadiths by al-Bukhari or Muslim. Read them alongside the Quran to establish context, and discover that Muhammad/Islam are immoral.

    8. Islam is not peace. Terrorists are taught to use “peace” to buy time to plan for the next round of attacks. They call it a HUDNA. An ex-terrorist has admitted this since converting to Christianity, which btw is punishible by death and required in Islam! He knows it, but knows Christ has saved him, so he is now spreading the truth and warning others about the evils of Islam. Search for and watch all of “PROPHECY: ISLAM AND SATAN” Really great stuff if you want to know the truth.

    9. ibrahim mudeiris – look up on Youtube to see what they are saying. In Iran-Ali Hamani one of the grand Iatola’s. Also, Suni Ayahi.

    10. 2008-In many parts of africa and the middle east laws are being enacted against worshiping any other faith besides islam. people are actually being persecuted for converting muslims to other religions. scary when you take into account the fact that muslims are now changing laws in denmark and norway. in my own city 10 years ago you never seen burkas. today i see them daily. prepare yourself, they are coming to a city.

    I hope I have not offended anyone. I am just so concerned about what is happening.

    Thank you,

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