Howard Dean 2.0

Ah for the ability to creaty pithy little observations like John Howard:

A mass of airheads, walking around chanting “Yes, we can” while saying wacky, cultish things like, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”?

Right, the Obama campaign.

The difference is that Dean’s campaign imploded before it got off the ground while Obama may be able to get over the hump and then implode, when the campaign starts dealing with ideas and concepts more complicated than you’d see on an episode of Barney & Friends.

PS: What the Obama campaign really is? It’s Howard Dean 2.0.

Probably has something to do with talent.  Well, thanks John for the nice techno-nerd cross reference.  And an exact description of what is happening today with Obambi.

Nader Campaign Slogans

First – some suggestions from IMAO:

* Skip the blacko, vote the wacko.

* Nader: because corporations selling you cool stuff is the REAL terrorism.

* Six more months of military experience than Bill Clinton.

* Kooky like Ron Paul, but without all that annoying liberty crap.

* Spoilernator III: Rise of the Lunatics

* Because I Can

* Looking 90, acting 12.

* Just a hooded sweatshirt and a stick of dynamite away from being the Unabomber.

* Nader: homonymically synonymous with “rock bottom”.

* FOR working families, AGAINST the corporations that sign their paychecks.

* He won’t start every sentence with “I served in Vietnam”.

* I’m John McCain, and I approved this candidacy.

* Nader: he’s never worked for a living either.

* Like Barack’s really going to miss .3% of the vote.

My suggestions:

  • Nader: So Old I Might Die Before I’m Inaugurated
  • Nader: Attention Must Be Paid!
  • Who cares about Iraq – I Killed the Corsair
  • Wait? President? Me?
  • I’ve Never Met a Corporation I Like – except for Cisco and other tech companies I made a killing on with their stock
  • Nader: Because I can Surrender Faster than Bambi or the Beast

You have any suggestions?