The Death of an American Princess

Dear Caroline and Her Sainted Father

Dear Caroline and Her Sainted Father


Those close to the Kennedy family are appalled at how Caroline’s brief political career has fared. “Everything that was special about her got stripped away,” says one. But this source, among others, says Caroline, an intensely private person who has made her impact largely through charity and volunteer projects, may not in fact be suited to the rough-and-tumble family business.

A Tribute To Caroline's Death

A Tribute To Caroline's Death

Gaming the System

Here’s how the educrats in Sacramento make it look like they are actually doing their jobs:

Will C. Wood Middle School faced a vexing situation when last year’s test results came out in August. Most students had met the mark set by No Child Left Behind. But African American students’ math scores fell far short of it, bringing the school into failing status in the eyes of the federal law.

One hundred students were categorized as black when they took the test last spring. But if the school had fewer than 100 students in that group, their low scores wouldn’t count. So Principal Jim Wong reviewed the files of all the students classified as African American on the test, he said, and found that four of them had indicated no race or mixed race on their enrollment paperwork. Wong sent his staff to talk to the four families to ask permission to put the kids in a different racial group.

“You get a kid that’s half black, half white. What are you going to put him down as?” Wong said. “If one kid makes the difference and I can go white, that gets me out of trouble.”

Over the past two years, 80 California schools got “out of trouble” with No Child Left Behind after changing the way they classify their students, a Bee analysis has found. The changes nudged their status from failing to passing under the federal law.

Of course, the obvious solution of actually teaching these children how to count and multiply and divide is not even considered. And apparently the families of these poor ignorant students have no problems with the whole process either. Instead of the outrage of “why aren’t you actually correcting the problem and making sure my son/daughter can perform to standards” they shrug their shoulders. Which is also why their kids are destined to be the garbage workers of tomorrow.

the point of No Child Left Behind lies in separating test scores by race – then demanding educators bring all children to the same level. The law says all major demographic groups – categorized by race, income, English fluency and disability status – must meet test score targets that increase over time. If one group doesn’t meet the target, the entire school faces the stigma of low performance and a series of consequences.

Advocates see the consequences as extra help for struggling students – from after-school tutoring to more time in the classroom to a change in teachers. Many educators, however, view them as punishment.

Yeah, that whole actually doing your job thing interferes with summer holiday doesn’t it? Because the story notes that before NCLB schools could pass their overall test levels and let the blacks and Latinos stew in their stupidity. But the punishment (their word not mine) of working to bring their students up to standard is a lot harder than just calling them something they are not and then not having to do anything about it.

Just when will black parents start demanding something better? About the time that they quit having children at 13 and start actually being families again – instead of serial wombs for the next drug-dealing punk.

The King Assassination

My most vivid memory of the murder of Dr. King? Being scared out of my mind that my Mom and Dad might not be able to make it home safely.

As a 10 year old, I certainly wasn’t aware of the political and racial issues represented by Martin Luther King. he was always in the paper and on television, but news like that was a background noise to someone that young. Some news always gets through – less than a year before Israel kicked the snot out of the Arabs, there was a war going on – but the most important things were going to school, having to practice the piano and trumpet, playing baseball and all those kid things we did before video games and iPods.

My Mom and Dad had left our place in Maroa, Illinois to go to Greenville, South Carolina with a group of teenagers who were visiting Bob Jones University to see if they wished to attend that college when they graduated.  My sister was just 1 year old, my brother was 7 and my grandmother was staying there and taking care of us.

The first indication I had that something was happening was watching my Grandmother glued to the TV the next morning.  Of course, in honor of the slain civil rights leader just about every American city with any sort of black population incurred riots and looting.  Policemen were being shot at in the streets, cities like Chicago (very close by) were going up in flames, National Guardsmen were being called out to restore order – and my parents were about 1000 miles away.  And to get back they had to go through or around lots of nice respectful rioting.

Of course, they did get back OK but that was the first time I felt the news actually affect me personally.  How scared can you be when you’re afraid your Mom and Dad might get shot or not be able to get home.

I also developed a strong interest in Dr. King and his speeches – more than just “I Have A Dream”.  We live in different times, but its funny that the ones who still judge people most by the color of their skin are the liberals.  The conservatives have moved on (as they always do) to making sure that everyone has economic opportunity to be the best they can be regardless of their skin color.  Sort of a “content of their character” thing – as Dr. King wanted.

News Rarely Seen Outside the Middle East

From Saudi Arabia:

A MAN beheaded his 15-month-old nephew in front of his mother in a supermarket in Saudi Arabia apparently after a family dispute, newspapers reported.

The 25-year-old Syrian national picked up a knife from the store in the Red Sea city of Jeddah yesterday and decapitated the little boy in full view of shoppers, Arab News said.

The man apparently killed the little boy following a dispute with the man’s sister and brother-in-law, the English-language daily said.

“He chopped off the boy’s head in front of the mother to get back at her,” a police officer was quoted as saying. The mother fainted and was taken to hospital.

As a matter of fact, I can’t even recall the last beheading a 15 month old child story I read recently.

Actions and Consequences

I know we live in a different time than when I went to high school, but do the students of today just rush pell-mell into sex and children without a moments thought about their future or chances for success?Of course, not all of them do. Not even a majority of them do. But those that do are perpetuating a cycle of poverty over and over again.
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This morning on the way to the office I am listening to a local talk show and the issue de ‘jure concerns a school district in this country that wants to provide high school mothers with four weeks of ‘excused absences’ when they have a baby and are still in high school.
I realize that the schools are handing out condoms and such without parents’ permission, but how have we gotten to this level where we are basically rewarding bad behavior?
Babies cost money, lots of money. I know, I raised and paid for four boys to be brought up and educated. It isn’t cheap. These things don’t just go away, someone has to feed them, care for them and hopefully educate them or they perpetuate the cycle.
On the other hand, should we deny someone an education who wants one, because they have a child? If we do, then we doom that person to a life of struggle and hardship by remaining uneducated
How can we instill values in our young folks that will keep situations such as this from happening?
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Funny Wedding Photos

What is it about weddings that can bring out the craziness in people?
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Because I'm the bride

Sounds like something my stepmother would write.

Cake Dress

She looks good enough to eat

terrorist Dress

Even Terrorist Fall in Love

Mac Cake

Once You have Mac…You’ll never go back

Bridezilla Attacks

Bridezilla Attacks!

Star Wars Wedding

Yet another Star Wars Wedding

Computer Wedding

Computer Wedding

Condom Gown

A bridesmaid gown made of condoms.

Dog Groom

You may now kiss the dog

Bride Boobs

I don’t which is bigger, the cake or her boobs.

Eagle Cake Topper

Eagle Cake Topper?

Big Veil

Attack of the killer Veil.

Bride of Frank

Happy Halloween

Stuck in the Mud


Up Dress

Looks like she needed some help.

Up Dress


Bride Gun

Maybe you can get a man with a gun.

Spork Dress

The Spork Wedding Dress

game over

Game over man…game over.

Guns at the Wedding

Not really a great way to start your marriage

Loooooong Train

Yet another, Looooooooong Train

Ugly Bride

She’s not that bad.

Undead Bride and Groom

The Wedding of the Undead

Groom in the Pool

I guess he was hot

fall cake

Fall into this cake

Zombie Bride

I now pronounce you Zombie and wife.

Donut Cake

Tasteful, Tasty Donuts

Long Train

Long Train is Loooooooong!!!

Computer Wedding

Geek-y, but cute.

Star Trek Bride

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t her dream wedding.

NES Wedding Cake

Yes…it really is a wedding cake.

Shotgun Wedding

A shotgun wedding at any age…is still a shotgun wedding.

Space Bride

Space-y Bride

Star Trek Wedding

Yet Another Star Trek Wedding

groom with knife

Until death do us part…or after the reception…which ever comes first.

Top Gun Wedding

Pipecleaner Bride

Gamer Bride
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