The Butterfield Effect – Taxes – and Media Ignorance

Seven years ago, I wrote about the “Butterfield Effect,” which is a term used to mock clueless journalists. A former reporter for the New York Times, Fox Butterfield, became a bit of a laughingstock in the 1990s for publishing a series of articles addressing the supposed quandary of how crime rates could be falling during […]

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Obama’s First Miracle

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Obama’s First Miracle: LA Times Declares “Obama Clears Himself and Staff”

Yes, that is the actual LAT’s headline. I’m not saying I actually think Obama did do anything wrong. But time was when the media prided itself on its skeptcism regarding performances like the one Obama is putting on.

Still, the media had better take the blinders off. Power is what power is and it often does what’s important to itself, using that power for self-preservation no matter what.

If the media does not scrutinize this administration and hold them up to the standards they would hold any Republican counterpart, somewhere down the line someone is going to take advantage of it.

It is Washington,DC, after all – not Camelot, no matter how much these people want to pretend that it is. Forget honeymoon, some outlets look as though they are willing to pay to send Obama and company on a delightful four year cruise.

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Obama Media Campaign Workers Lose Positions

How good is it that the New York Times is looking to borrow money in a down economy with a shrinking revenue base?  Apparently the Schultzberger family will take out every penny before going to the government for a newspaper bailout.

And the Tribune Company (LA Times, Orlando Sentinel, Cubs, etc.) sure didn’t last long with their little buyout.  They go down in flames with $13 billion in debt and $7.6 billion in assets.

The Obama cheering section continues to get thinner and thinner in the dead stream media ranks.