Democrats and the Filibuster

Sometimes the world turns out right.  To read the weeping, wailing, and knashing of teeth from the left now about the filibuster in the Senate almost causes me to weep with joy.  Some of the most recent examples include Vice President “Plugs” Biden:

Moments after administering the oath to Brown, Biden held court with reporters outside the Senate chamber, in which he had served for 36 years. He said he has tasked his staff to study the constitutional history of filibusters, to determine what steps could be taken.

“I’ve never seen a time when it’s become, sort of, standard operating procedure,” Biden said. “You want to get anything done, you have to have a supermajority. And I really mean this, unrelated to whether or not Barack and I are sitting down in the West Wing now. Any president in the future having to move through anything he or she wants, requiring a supermajority, it’s not a good way to do business.”

Wendy Kaminer (some extremely shrill left-wing kook covering the US for a Marxist UK website)her bio says shes a lawer, writer, and free speech activist.  “Mommy when I grow up I want to be a free speech activist”:

So by voting as an impenetrable bloc, a minority of Senate Republicans representing a minority of voters have managed the effective shutdown of Congress, while shifting the blame for legislative stasis (and the failure of bipartisanship) to Democrats, who are at least nominally in charge.

Thomas Geohogan at The Nation:

Let the filibuster be the filibuster. If it is an obstructionist tactic, let it obstruct. If the Republicans want to shut down the presidency, make them shut down the Senate. If you take on this battle, you will have the country behind you. For the majority of Americans–yes, even Mr. Smith–want the government to work.

one of may from the Dummy Underground:

As difficult as ending the filibuster may appear, if it has become enough of a threat to the things the White House values, then it has certainly become a major threat to things other powerful Democrats value. And, once it becomes a major threat to something the party values, then the party leadership becomes increasingly likely to join in an effort to defeat it. At this point, it seems to me that many in the party leadership are waiting for the grassroots to start building this movement, so they can jump in later on.

Just remember how eager they were to filibuster anything and everything related to George W. Bush just 2 years ago?

Payback is a b*tch

Rare Democrat Candor – But It Is John Kerry

In his comments today urging his fellow Senators to waste $1 trillion of your money, John Kerry*  made the following slip:

I’ve supported many tax cuts over the years, and there are tax cuts in this proposal. But a tax cut is non-targeted.

If you put a tax cut into the hands of a business or family, there’s no guarantee that they’re going to invest that or invest it in America.

They’re free to go invest anywhere that they want if they choose to invest.

It is rare that Democrats actually come out against freedom in actual words – although  every action they take is to limit dangerous things like personal liberty.

We all know from his failed Presidential campaign that John Kerry is an elitist snob who tends to marry money (big fracking gobs of it), so he is obviously much more qualified than any American family to spend their money wisely.  After all, he got elected Senator didn’t he?  Doesn’t that confer upon him Olympian powers of wisdom?


* John Kerry may or may not have been in Cambodia, but he did serve in Vietnam before throwing some kind of medals over the fence of the White House.