Predictions for 2009

Just a few of mine:

1.  Ending DJIA – 6200

2.  Iran announces it has enough material for at least two nuclear bombs.

3.  China sends in a couple hundred thousand troops as North Korea announces Kim Jung Crazy has suffered a massive stroke and domestic rioting begins.

4.  Obama administration completely capitulates to global warming nutjobs and signs on to 2009 Copenhagen accords to gut US economy by reducing carbon emissions by 70% fromn 1990 levels by 2020.  What will he care – even with two terms he will be long gone from getting the blame.  Treaty approval is rammed through the Senate on voice vote with no committee hearings and the joyous votes of RINOs Snow, Collins, Spectre, and McCain.

5.  Attorney General Holden begins war crimes investigations against former Bush Administration officials.

6. Obama re-instates the Fairness Doctrine administratively and court case proceeds to Supreme Court by end of 2009.

7.  US Senate seats Illinois Democrat Burris rather than risk a court fight and lose the vote for a year or more.

8.  As economy continues to deteriorate, Michedlle Obama becomes Mother Teresa figure for the downtrodden and out-0f-work as the media continues to massage her ego.

9.  Joining Britain–Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece allow the establishment of Islamic courts as a parallel justice system for Muslims continues to grow in Western Europe.

10.  Smug, self-congratulatory Silicon Valley Obama backers will be furious to find out that they are considered to be “rich” by their Messiah.  California will continue to hemorrage the intelligent and hard-working.  Unfortunately they will move to Colorado and continue to remake this wonderland into another version of Tax-and-tax-and-unionize-and-elect-Democrats that they created in California in the first place.

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