Only Liberals Need Apply

For a history professorship at University of Miami Ohio – and everywhere else, of course:

Mark Moyar looks like the perfect fit to teach history at Miami University: first in the history department and summa cum laude at Harvard; Ph.D. at Cambridge; speaks French and German; two successful books and a third on the way …

But wait a minute – what’s this on his resume about teaching at the Marine Corps University and the George Bush School of Government and Public Service? And whoa, don’t choke on your green tea, but look at the title of his book: “Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965.”

Triumph? Vietnam? In the same sentence?

“Your qualifications are fine,” he was told. But Miami’s history department had “its own priorities, its own gaps, its own desires.”

Yet among the dozen candidates the faculty chose to interview were two who did not have doctorates, one whose dissertation was on “Race, Identity and Gender in the Panama Canal Zone,” and another whose scholarship focused on “American Radio in East Asia.”

Moyar wrote to the president of Miami: “Only a person divorced from reality would argue that the history of gender in the Panama Canal Zone or the history of American radio in pre-World War II East Asia are more germane to U.S. foreign policy than my wide-ranging work on the Vietnam War.”

Maybe his work on Vietnam was a bit too wide-ranging.

“The only explanation I can find for the search committee’s extraordinary decision is that the conclusions of my research are inconsistent with the ideological views of members of the search committee,” Moyar wrote.

And the university explanation?  Complete justification by the administration of their rejection of a qualified conservative:

President James Garland backed the history department. When Garland retired, new President David Hodge told Moyar that Miami promotes “diversity of ideas on campus,” but said the faculty had properly picked four candidates to hire, but none accepted. The search was closed. So was the investigation of Moyar’s complaint.

So they end up hiring no one, rather than take the risk of tainint their students with someone who might actually believe in America and American values?  This country needs to clean out these sewers of liberalism.

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