Whiny CU Twits Protest New President

Apparently because he’s a) not educatered enuff:

State House Majority Leader Alice Madden, a Democrat and CU law school graduate, declared that Benson would be “the least educated president ever considered in modern history.”

And because he actually knows the value of a buck:

He has chaired a $1 billion fundraising campaign for the school, successfully lobbied for a state law to give universities more money, and served on several education boards.

But how in the world can we have an actual Republican (eww, yeech) as the President of the People’s Republic of Boulder University?

A “Boycott Benson” Web site questions the selection process and criticizes his background as a conservative Republican activist. The student government has voiced complaints, and a campus portrait of Benson was defaced with graffiti that said, “I’ve given CU enough $ for an individual right-wing nut like me to be CU’s president.”

And I resent the fact that any of my tax money is going to support a campus full of idiots and traitors, too.  Where do I get my refund?