As The Messiah Turns

Harvey gives it his all in recapping the latest episode of the Obamamessiah and his good work in curing the ills of all:

“Help me, Obamessiah!” cried Marilyn, “I’ve spent all my money on clothes, shoes, jewelry, vodka, Red Bull, piercings, and back tattoos! I’ve no money left for tuition! How will I pay for school without getting a job like some fat, unpopular girl whom the national media’s cameras love not?”

“But how will you pay for it?”, sobbed Marilyn.

“Same way I’ll pay for everything I promise – by stealing money from someone who has more of it than you but less than me. Like from kid over there who looks un-fair-sharingly wealthy.”

“But I’m not wealthy!” objected the target of Obama’s accusation. “My clothes aren’t Old Navy faux-raggedy, they’re Salvation Army REAL-raggedy!”

“Questioning me is racism!” Obama snarled, poking a menacing – yet impeccably manicured – finger into the boy’s chest. “Now stop showing antipathy towards those who are different than you and pony up!”

And see how I need to wipe each eye.  And how the color of my skin changes.  And how you become really green.

Illegals Registering Voters

Of course, its happening in the area around the Communist Democratic People’s Republic of San Francisco:

Buoyed by Super Tuesday’s record Latino voter turnout, a San Jose State University student group — made up of both legal and illegal residents — is planning a widespread, grass-roots campaign to register voters, especially those who can speak for them at the polls.

“I don’t need to live in the shadows anymore,” said Ruiz, a 24-year-old San Jose State student whose mother brought him from Mexico on a tourist visa when he was a child.

Live in the shadows?  Since when does anybody in California actually have to worry about living in the shadows.  Brought here illegally as a child?  Not a problem.  You can attend a state university (wonder if he’s getting instate tuition rates?  not even a bet – I’m sure he is), you can register people to vote, you can give an interview to a local newspaper.  No one will even come check on your illegal butt.

  It’s unknown how many illegal immigrants pay in-state tuition in California, officials said, because the information isn’t tracked to protect students’ privacy.

Because of their status, the students are not eligible for financial aid, and most must earn tuition — more than $2,000 a semester — on their own.

Ruiz and Cardenas don’t hold their status against their parents, saying their time in the United States has given them opportunities they wouldn’t have had in Mexico.

“You can’t just live in a place and not became a part of it,” Ruiz said. “If I were still in Mexico, I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

Just another example of Mexico dumping its problems on the US.  Otherwise they might have to actually fix their own third-world toilet of a country so they don’t export their own citizens.  But little chance of that happening any time soon.  All our Presidential candidates just want to either turn their backs or actually beckon them to come.