Human Rights Watch – Just Another America and Israel Bashing Liberal Organization

The article at the Jerusalem Post notes:

Seventeen blown apart shopping in Istanbul; eight children gunned down at a Jerusalem school; 58 slaughtered in front of the Indian Embassy in Kabul. These are just some examples of the terrorist atrocities that plagued the world in the past year. Yet NGO superpower Human Rights Watch, winner of this year’s UN Prize for Human Rights, did not find these incidents of mass murder and violations of the most sacred of human rights, the right to life, significant enough to merit a single comment. Instead, it spends millions attacking Western democracies for doing their best to protect civil liberties and fight terror in an age where its perpetrators have no respect for human life and are driven purely by hate and religious fanaticism.

Just another leftist anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-selfhateing bunch.  You go to their website just today (find it on your own – I don’t want to give them any help) and there are links about how US Trade shouldn’t actually expand (and therefore make everyone in the world better off), bashing Israel over Palestinian land rights (and saying nothing about the murder of Jews by Palestinians at all), blah blah blah blah.  Pick your liberal shibboleth and there is your link.

Just as Amnesty International is concerned only with American violations of terrorist rights, so Human Rights Watch becomes yet nother turd in the bucket of liberal organizations.

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