Another Reason We Need to Start Enforcing Our Immigration Laws

And you can already hear the excuses – they were just doing the jobs Americans wont do. We shouldn’t actually enforce our laws, it will just make them angry. Social security number verification is racist. Citizenship verification is racist. Everything is racist.

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CHICAGO—Nearly two dozen illegal immigrants were arrested Wednesday, accused of using fake security badges to work in critical areas of O’Hare International Airport, including the tarmac, authorities said.
Much of the investigation centered on the airport security badges issued by the Department of Aviation, said U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald. Agents found that 110 of the 134 badges issued to Ideal Staffing workers did not match the individuals who carried them, he said.
According to affidavits in a complaint against Gurin and Benitez unsealed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, the applications for the 110 bogus badges listed Social Security numbers that either did not exist or belonged to other individuals, some of whom were dead.
One affidavit from a temporary worker who cooperated with authorities said Benitez told him to look through a box containing about 20 airport security badges and to pick one with a picture that resembled his own face.

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1 thought on “Another Reason We Need to Start Enforcing Our Immigration Laws

  1. This whole situation was totally ILLEGAL! Now we are supposed to feel sorry for the illegal immigrants that were caught? Not me. I don’t buy into the theory that they were duped by the ones that gave them their fraudulent verification documents. These people aren’t stupid. They know how to work the system. In my state I see it all the time.

    Our Federal Government doesn’t seem to want to do anything but further their agenda on a North American Union under the guise of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, giving away what is left of our Social Security through the Totalization program, and getting their super highway going all the way through the country. They figure once they get that done, illegal immigration will be a moot point.
    We are going to have to fight them every step of the way.

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