Movie Night at Vic’s: Part Deux

The Substandard Sitcom

Movie night at Vic’s Part II

Last episode ended with the suggestion of drinks.  This episode picks right up where we left off – at that awkward part of a party when everyone is thinking, “Gosh, I could really use a drink.  When will __________ finally offer me something to take the edge off?”  Yeah, that’s where we are.

Sonny: Yes please.  Give me alcohol.

Vic: Well, you know I have only vodka and whisky.  And a few varieties of German beer.

Sonny: Give me a tall glass of vodka, neat.  Stat!

Vic: What brand?

Sonny: It doesn’t matter as long as it is a tall glass that is full to the top.  I’ve been strategic in my eating today.   I’m ready to get my drink on.

Vic: Steak and eggs?

Sonny: No steak and eggs, but I’ve got a great base layer to absorb the alcohol.  And I’ve been…

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