Taxes – We Want More Taxes

Well, some flaming idiots in California apparently have never heard of the other idea about balancing a budget – stop spending like drunken sailors.  But I love the way that the Governator is blamed for all the problems with the California Budget by this twerp:

Arnold’s executive order laying off 10,000 state employees – and slashing another 200,000 paychecks to the federal minimum wage – is not just insulting because he’s punishing people for the actions of others.  It’s that the budget crisis we’re in is largely his fault, and the Governor refuses to take responsibility.  Starting with Schwarzenegger’s first day in office when he repealed the Vehicle License Fee, Arnold has played one game of fiscal gymnastics after another – leaving us with today’s budget deficit of $17 billion.

Now think about that for a minute.  This is not at 17 billion dollar budget in total – they are overspending their income by 17 billion dollars – in one year!  And its all Arnie’s fault becuase he repealed the Car Tax.  Well that and:

But Republicans in the legislature – whose votes are needed to get a 2/3 majority to pass the budget – simply refuse to acknowledge we have a revenue problem.  All 15 GOP State Senators and 31 of their 32 Assembly members have signed the infamous Grover Norquist pledge to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”  Schwarzenegger refuses to bring them in line – and now wants to punish state workers with layoffs and pay cuts.

Those mean-spirited Republicans.  Why doesn’t Arnie just assume his Terminator personality and KILL THEM ALL!  So they can be replaced by gentle free-spirited Democrats who know that taxing the life out of everything that moves (or doesn’t move) is the only way that will bring peace, happiness, tranquility, and more government to everybody.

Go ahead California – tax yourselves into oblivion.  Soon the only people in California will be hippies, the hopeless, the stupid, and government employees.  And then who will you tax?

But I must say that I just love the interesting slant presented by Mr. Tax and Tax.  Some of this language is just lovely”

painful set of budget cuts coupled with reasonable tax increases.

Painful budget cuts – yeah right.  Just what does that mean?  The typical Federal budget dodge?  Instead of increasing spending by 10% it will be pared back to a painful 8% increase?  That’s called a cut in progressive-speak.

And any tax increase is simply reasonable.  Any reasoned person is GLAD to give more money to the all-knowing, beneficent bureaucrats so that they can go on some week-long retreat on the Monterrey peninsula to reflect on how they can gouge more money out of the suckers next year.

And who can not chuckle at this?

In 2003, on his first day in office, Arnold Schwarzenegger repealed the Vehicle License Fee.  This modest tax had been around since 1935 – where car owners paid 1.5% on the purchase of a new automobile.  Governor Earl Warren raised it to 2% in 1948, but the state temporarily lowered it in 1998 because of excess revenues (understanding that it would be restored when the state hit hard times.)  In one fell swoop in 2003, the state lost $5 billion in revenue for the first year – with increasing losses each successive years.

Yes – its just one of those modest taxes which only raped 5 billion dollars – in actual numbers that is $5,000,000,000.00.  That is $13 million bucks every single day of a 365 day year.  Its $570,000 bucks an hour for every hour of a year.  Its a little short of demanding $10,000 for every single minute of every single year–with built-in escalators since the value of new cars is higher than older ones that are replaced, plus completely new cars.  Just a cute, teeny, tiny, non-important, modest little tax.  God only knows what a slutty, skanky, immodest tax would look like.

And this wasn’t just some one-time shot fee.  This was paying 2% of the value of your car every year.  So just because you had a car, on which you paid sales tax when you bought it, gasoline taxes which you paid every time you filled it up (more in taxes per gallon than the refiner makes in profit by the way), paying for new plates every year, sales taxes paid on anything else you bought for it like tires or oil changes or repairs – after mooching all that tax money off you California decreed that you had to pay 2% every single year just for the privilege of owning the stupid thing.  And this one was paid by everybody every year – it couldn’t be hidden behind some “tax the rich” rhetoric.

No wonder people were completely fed up with that.  And that car tax was one of the driving forces behind the recall of Gray Davis that put Arnie into office in the first place.

So the thing they want to propose is to bring this idiotic tax back – just in time to make sure that the Republican governor would be blamed for it to give that extra little push to get some Democrat elected governor next year.  Of course that has absolutely no place in their calculations.  All they want to do is make sure all the poor, hard-working nurses and prison guards are taken care of and paid more than the federal minimum wage.  Well that and all those hard-working leftists at Bezerkley who are needed to indoctrinate the next generation of “public servants”.

But the tax was only “temporarily reduced”.  No tax ever actually goes away.  They might throw a head-fake to the plebs and reduce one a teeny tiny fraction, but will always reserve the right to return to rape and pillage whenever we “hit hard times”.  Isn’t that just so touching?  Its not our fault that we always, always, always spend more.  Has California EVER spent less in absolute dollars from one year to the next?  It’s always some outside force that hits us – hurts us – causes us to cry little girly tears.  And demands that we tell you to bend over and give us your wallets at a rate even higher than before.

Because you don’t want to have some blind, arthritic, wheelchair bound senior citizen to suffer do you?

“In a year when we’re asking the blind, disabled and elderly not to take a cost-of-living adjustment,” explained Leno, “it’s fair to also ask businesses not to benefit from an accounting allowance.”

Yeah, that’s it.  Its all greedy businesses getting accounting allowances while crippled senior citizens are forced to eat dog food.

Because even Republicans want to increase taxes.  Well according to this poll they do:

* 65 percent say they think Republican Legislators should work with Democrats to achieve a compromise including budget cuts and revenue increases.

* 54 percent support increasing the top bracket of the state income taxes from 9.3 to 10 percent for families with taxable income over $272,000 annually and to 11 percent for families with more than $544,000 a year in taxable income.

* 56 percent support the sales tax to entertainment such as concerts and sporting events.

* 64 percent support a bill to prevent people who purchase yachts and luxury vehicles from avoiding sales taxes on these purchases.

The fact that this poll was taken by the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) California State Council – the people who make their livelihood off the sweat and blood extorted by the state as taxes from others – well, that’s not an important fact.  Its simply important to know that increasing the state tax income rate to 11% (eleven freaking percent) is supported by 54% of the 800 registered Republicans they found in San Francisco or some other “progressive” area of the state.

And as an aside, I would love to see just how slanted they had to put these questions to get those percentages.  And just what “Republicans” were included (would you consider yourself to be an open-minded individual?  even if you are a Republican?) and what kind of low-forehead nose-picking conservatives were excluded.

Hey – tax yourselves silly.  Why don’t you prove that it is possible, for the first time in history, to tax yourselves into prosperity.

And in the meantime we will start putting fences around California to make sure the crazies there don’t leak out into actual civilization.

Dead Birds

As always, the lovely ladies at Go Fug Yourself have their say:


Still love the dress — it fits her beautifully — and on its own it might’ve saved the uninspiring hair. But those accessories are so over the top, as if her local Claire’s store got sloshed on bourbon and threw up all over her head. The earrings, the choker, the two plastic-looking lengths of beads…

… and of course, a shoulder flower, because what this outfit needs is a fake fuchsia blossom that looks more like a tiny bird flew into her shoulder and met its grisly death. Seriously, looking at this close-up, you’d think she were attending the Union of Frontier Bordello Madams Local No. 102 annual meeting, where they’re voting on a controversial proposal mandating regular syphilis tests and discussing a ban on nooses during foreplay.