Lipstick Republican Women For Sarah! Nice Pictures, Too

McCain-Palin On Wall Street Crisis
Posted by: Hugh Hewitt at 9:45 AM

The latest McCain-Palin ad shows a willingness to run with the news cycle, not against it. With shudders running through Wall Street that are felt by anyone with a 401(k), Team McCain releases an ad that says experience and real reform credentials trump the puffed up rhetoric of the community organizer and the senator from MNBA. It is very effective because it reminds people that real crises aren’t solved on teleprompters

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I love the crowd of gals holding up their lipstick tubes!

Lipstick Revolution !

Here’s to Lady Kryptonite…
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McCain-Palin should be sending roses to Saturday Night Live. Mocking Palin as a God-crazed, empty-headed mom from hicksville America is just what the Army of Sarahs expected and exactly what they find so distasteful about Manhattan-Hollywood media elites.  They can laugh at the skit but also note its entirely predictable script.  Of course women who don’t live in the big cities on the coasts knew that their elitist sisters looked down on them and their choices, but the contempt that is manifesting itself among the entertainment and news media hierarchy in a thousand different ways is fueling the pro-Palin forces.
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