Nanny Insanity – Remove Your Doormats

I guess this is a preview of coming attractions – but from the UK we get:

Housing officials have ordered tenants to remove welcome mats from their doorsteps – claiming they are health and safety hazards.

Residents received a letter saying the mats were potentially dangerous and were being banned, amid fears people might trip over them and sue for damages.

The note read: ‘(Doormats) being left in communal areas is a serious health and safety issue and is a fire safety risk.’

At what point does this insanity end.  Should everyone be bubble-wrapped?  I love the government excuse given:

Guy Cresswell, director of housing services at Great Places Housing Group, said: ‘Government legislation requires us to carry out fire risk assessments and to comply in full with recommendations made.

‘This work has been carried out for us by expert independent assessors. Our fire risk assessor recommended that doormats outside of people’s homes at Gaskell Rise should be removed because people could trip up over them.

The people living there think its insane, but they have no recourse.  So the mats go.

Australian Police – Your iPod Will Kill You

I just wonder how long an iPod lying there would last before somebody picked it up?
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In a recently launched print campaign, created for the New South Wales Police by DDB Sydney, the message is clear: your iPod will kill you.
These ads are clearly ridiculous. If anyone offered me an iPod with headphone cords long enough to wrap a chalk line around someone, I’d save them the trauma of the accident and just murder them for it.
What I find most interesting about these ads are that they have an obvious iPod lying next to the corpse. I’m don’t know what Apple’s official feelings might be, but the online fan-geeks are already up in arms over the slandering of the beloved music player. Let’s face it: an iPod is now as necessary as a mobile phone.
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Sleep Last Night?…………

Don’t forget they are serving to protect us and the world. Makes us realize our problems are minuscule, no matter how bad they are. They are our true heroes!
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a little lumpy…
Toss and turn
Wish the heat
was higher…
Maybe the a/c
wasn’t on…
Had to go to the
Need a drink of
other car cuts you off and you must hit the brakes,

have to park a little further from Walmart than you
want to be,


served slightly warm food at the restaurant,

sitting and cursing the traffic in front of


shower runs out of hot water,
of them…

your freedom!

he proud
warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute To our fallen
So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in
Iraq the one way
that we could think of doing that is By taking a picture of Baker Company saying
the way we feel.
It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with
our fellow countrymen.
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Totally PC Christmas

Someone thought about this for a while. But would today’s stable be government regulated and approved?

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1. Recycling bins outside stable.
2. A sheep plugging veganism – and muzzled in case it bites – plus another sheep advertising British Meat in fairness to non-vegetables
3. Banner proclaims: “Atheism is OK too”.
4. Fathers 4 justice protester in Batman outfit.
5. Solar panels on stable roof.
6. Wise man in a wheelchair.
7. “Safety in the stable” poster.
8. Fire extinguisher next to poster.
9. Angel in high-visibility jacket.
10. Wheelchair ramp to stable.
11. Statues from other religions surround the manger.
12. Joseph wears hard hat – as does Mary.
13. Mothers for justice demonstrator in Wonder Woman outfit.
14. Hand washing facility.
15. Essential first aid kit.
16. Figure in T-shirt with slogan: “Scientology rocks!”17. Airport-style metal detector.

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