UK Enviro-ripoff Continues

I must admit to missing the latest ripoff from the Environmental Communist Republic of Great Britain:

Ministers are planning to sharply increase the amount of money raised from airline taxes in a move that will net an extra £520 million annually.

Airlines – already struggling to deal with record fuel prices – calculate that the tax per person on a flight to America or other long-haul destinations will rise from £40 to about £100 from next year. The levy will be passed on to passengers.

So 200 bucks per ticket surcharge and for what?  Well the US says:

“The Treasury’s proposal, although cast as an environmental measure, appears in reality to constitute nothing more than a device for generating additional revenue from the airline community.”

“There is no linkage between the funds collected from airlines and the mitigation of any environmental impact of airline emissions or any other environmental problem…Moreover, the Treasury’s proposal does not demonstrate that the new duty would influence airlines to adjust their fleets or their booking practices to achieve higher load factors…Nor are any data provided to justify the levy based on an assessment of damage from aircraft emissions.”

So yet another ripoff – although the peasants do seem to be getting a little restless, the UK government doesn’t seem too concerned.  What are they going to do – leave the country?  Well, yes – they are in ever-increasing numbers.