Britain Considers Minimum Wage Freeze – Saves Jobs

Now with the US minimum wage on autopilot up and up and up – do you think somebody might actually think about saving jobs by not forcing businesses to get rid of staff that aren’t worth $7.50 an hour?

The Low Pay Commission will now make its recommendation for this year’s rise in May instead of early next month.

The British Chambers of Commerce said the move indicated that the commission was now considering a freeze in the wage, which now stands at £5.73 an hour for over 21 year-olds.

It estimates that another increase in the wage, at the same amount as in 2008, would cost businesses £300m at a time when they could least afford it.

What a shocking idea – don’t force businesses to increase costs when they are going bust left and right and nobody is spending any money on anything.

Washington DC – are you listening?

[hollow echo]

Boo Hoo – Illegals Finding Work Scarce

The slant of this article is sickening:

Times are tough for the 27-year-old illegal immigrant and day laborer

For the most part, Rodriguez says, he’s doing what hundreds of other day laborers are doing these days: Standing around and waiting for jobs in Santa Cruz instead of actually getting them.

The bad times are trickling down to the lowest rung of the work force: the illegal labor pool, 

And somewhere in Mexico a wife and a family are having a rougher go at it than usual. 

A couple of questions:

1.  If its so tough in the US, why not go back home?  This article implies that the poor illegal hasn’t had regular work since last summer.  How in the wide wide world of sports is he able to live here?

2.  If there’s no work at home – why not?  Just when did it become America’s issue to deal with unemployed Mexicans?

And most of all this:

“Everybody is going to suffer in a recession — from the top on down,” says Patti Decker, a branch manager with Labor Ready in Soquel, whose number of Spanish-speaking customers, she added, has been on the rise in the last few months, in part due to the poor economy.

Labor Ready is an “employment contractor”.  Just why are they able to break the law with impunity and knowingly hire out illegals?