Actions and Consequences

I know we live in a different time than when I went to high school, but do the students of today just rush pell-mell into sex and children without a moments thought about their future or chances for success?Of course, not all of them do. Not even a majority of them do. But those that do are perpetuating a cycle of poverty over and over again.
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This morning on the way to the office I am listening to a local talk show and the issue de ‘jure concerns a school district in this country that wants to provide high school mothers with four weeks of ‘excused absences’ when they have a baby and are still in high school.
I realize that the schools are handing out condoms and such without parents’ permission, but how have we gotten to this level where we are basically rewarding bad behavior?
Babies cost money, lots of money. I know, I raised and paid for four boys to be brought up and educated. It isn’t cheap. These things don’t just go away, someone has to feed them, care for them and hopefully educate them or they perpetuate the cycle.
On the other hand, should we deny someone an education who wants one, because they have a child? If we do, then we doom that person to a life of struggle and hardship by remaining uneducated
How can we instill values in our young folks that will keep situations such as this from happening?
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