If Gay Marriage – Why Not Polgyamy?

Arnold Ahlert over at Political Mavens asks:

Let’s start with polygamy. In an era where individual “rights” are paramount, why should polygamy be outlawed? What’s makes it more “problematic” than gay marriage, for instance? If the courts and some legislatures are willing to re-define two thousand years of traditional marriage for one constituency, why not the other?

Where are the outraged howls at the injustice of the police raiding the Texas compound and infringing on the right of these polygamists? Where are the calls for the courts to overturn the injustice of people who want to be married to several women and girls at once? Is it that they are minors? Well, what about:

No doubt the idea that girls as young as, say 14, could be considered adults offends most Americans, right?

I’m not sure. When it comes to abortion, there are 13 states in the country where a minor can get an abortion without her parents knowing about it. Isn’t the decision to terminate a pregnancy an adult decision?

It is now a FEDERAL crime to block access to an abortion clinic. Will they offer the same protections to Polygamist compounds? After all, isn’t it just another lifestyle choice.

As Mr. Ahlert notes, once you start down the path of moral realativism, where do you stop? There is always some twisted pervert who is one more step ahead. Do they have the right to bugger little boys (NAMBLA) or remove the age of consent all together and just let the pedophiles have at any child they can lay their hands on?

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Britain – Mulitple Wife Welfare Payments

Sharia by stealth.
clipped from www.theothersideofkim.com
Barry Beelzebub asks the simple question: if bigamy is illegal in Britain, and it is, then why aren’t Muslim men prosecuted for having more than one wife?
But that’s only the first part of the question, because:
The [Department of Welfare and Pensions] has decreed that the going [welfare] rate is (pounds) 92.80 a week for hubby and wife one, with a further (pounds) 33.65 for subsequent wives. They don’t say that the upper limit is four, but I bet that it is.
So how did this happen? When did Parliament decide that sharia law is now applicable in Britain? Who decided to give extreme Muslims immunity from the day-to-day strictures that apply to the rest of us? I must have missed that debate and subsequent vote.
The truth is that there has been no debate and there has been no vote.
This is how Government proceeds apace in subverting our society: not by law, but by regulation.
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