CIA Trained Geese Bring Down Plane

The People’s Cube reports:

  • CIA-trained geese responsible for bringing down NYC plane
  • CIA agents fed geese on lunch breaks at DC parks during the 1980s; now they have come back to bite us
  • A flock of Canada geese caught on film illegally obtaining Florida driver licenses
  • ACLU: Term “Canada geese” may be offensive to some Canadians and some geese; lawsuit pending
  • Hugo Chavez offers sanctuary to Canada geese in Venezuela
  • Obscure flock of suicidal Palestinian pigeons take responsibility for New York bird strike
  • All Jewish geese took the day off yesterday; conspiracy movie “Goose Change” expected soon
  • Ted Kennedy calls on Detroit to design cars that can float on water like Airbus 8320
  • Witness: Bush looks the other way as geese-striken plane falls in New York
  • Study: gravitational pull has worsened in Bush years; things plunge faster
  • Obama to reduce gravity by 60% in his first term, pledges to eliminate it completely by 2012, giving airlines better safety and fuel efficiency
  • Investigation halted as community groups demand to leave fallen plane’s left wing alone
  • Sensing blood, mainstream media focuses attention on plane’s right wing
  • Noam Chomsky justifies bird strike as legitimate use of force against US expansionism by oppressed water fowl
  • Geese scabs unwilling to participate in bird strike washed up dead on Long Island beaches; fowl play suspected
  • Tragedy in the Hamptons: local reporter attempting to interview grazing geese found dead stricken by a stray golf ball
  • In other news: most Canada geese prefer to get medical treatment in the US


Obama Loses an Endorsement

Weep for the Messiah. Hamas no longer approves:

Sen. Barack Obama’s speech to AIPAC has convinced Hamas that he and Sen. John McCain are interchangeable. If the group had its druthers, neither one would win.

“Obama’s comments have confirmed that there will be no change in the U.S. administration’s foreign policy on the Arab-Israeli conflict,” Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri told Reuters in Gaza.

Have a Sweet – Dead Jew

And then Israel is condemned for its treatment of the Palestinians. I’m shocked they have anything at all to do with them. I’d cut off everything and let Egypt take care of them.
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A Palestinian boy distributes sweets to people in the southern Gaza Strip after a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in southern Israel February 4, 2008. A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up and police shot dead his accomplice in an attack in a shopping centre in southern Israel on Monday that killed at least one Israeli, emergency services said. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)
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Media Manipulation Hamas Style

And the European media just eats it up.
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On at least two occasions this week, Hamas staged scenes of darkness as part of its campaign to end the political and economic sanctions against the Gaza Strip, Palestinian journalists said Wednesday.

In the first case, journalists who were invited to cover the Hamas government meeting were surprised to see Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his ministers sitting around a table with burning candles.
In the second case on Tuesday, journalists noticed that Hamas legislators who were meeting in Gaza City also sat in front of burning candles.
But some of the journalists noticed that there was actually no need for the candles because both meetings were being held in daylight.
“They had closed the curtains in the rooms to create the impression that Hamas leaders were also suffering as a result of the power stoppage,” one journalist told The Jerusalem Post. “It was obvious that the whole thing was staged.”
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Memo From Hamas

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From: Hamas
To: The Zionist Occupation Enemy
Subj: Border Crossing
Please re-open the border to the transit of petrochemicals so that we can get back to the important work at hand: Terrorizing the 1.5 million souls trapped in Gaza under our guns, unprovoked rocket and sniper fire into your country – which really shouldn’t be a country at all, but we’ll be getting around to that in good time – and generally making things miserable for all concerned. Everywhere.
Khaled Mashaal
Ismail Haniya
PS – The kids are coming along nicely. We’re hoping to get them over to your place soon.

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New Bomb Tactic – Horses and Dogs Used

Actually no – the world would condemn the use of horses and dogs as bomb carriers. But children? Not an issue. After all the Religion of Peace (TM) has lots of them. A few in bits and pieces won’t make any difference.

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TV shows and textbooks to indoctrinate Palestinian and other Arab kids into a violent ideology are being produced on a huge scale in Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia – and instead of demanding that this incitement end and that Arab leaders begin preparing their people for peace, world leaders call upon Israel to give up the Golan Heights and the West Bank – as if living on one piece of land as opposed to another leads inexorably to suicidal, murderous impulses.
“The root cause of suicide bombing is indoctrination of children towards a violent ideology, [and] what we’re seeing now is the product of fifteen years of hate education,” Ms. Goldstein says. “If any government strapped bombs on horses or dogs and sent them out into civilian populations to be detonated, the world would be outraged.”

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