Failed President-Elect

Although everyone knows that President-elect Barack Obama walks on water, heals the sick, and raises the dead – it really must be said.  The Obama Presidential-elect administration is the most failed President-electiony in our nation’s history.

Just to recap a few of the lowlights:

  • Obama resigned his Senate seat without paying off that little hair-thug Blago to appoint someone who he has officially blessed.  And now that whole situation has run so far out of control some un-approved black man has been turned away at the Senate doors.  What is Harry Reid – the reincarnation of George Wallace?  And what is up with Fitzgerald?  I mean where are the indictments you dummy?

    Hey Barry - A mill for a Senate seat isn't that much

    Hey Barry - A mill for a Senate seat isn't that much

  • The one Hispanic upon whom the Blessed Gaze has been bestowed ends up with dirty hands and heaven knows what other money from a bunch of municipal bond underwriters.  Why in the world Richardson thought he could brazen through to a Cabinet position with that kind of sin upon his soul is something that he will have to Answer For!  But now it seems that all those 65 page questionnaires are just so much tissue paper.  Everybody who filled one out now knows that all they did was put all their dirt into the hands of politicians who will use it to their personal advantage.  Can you see this is why the cabinet is just Clinton retreads?  Their souls are already sold and in the testicticular lockboxes.

    Sorry - I don't know this person

    Sorry - I don't know this person

  • And now it turns out that this municipal bond turd who messed up Richardson gave the President-elect campaign $30,000.  Of course, this is only another distraction and The Most Holy and Chosen One has absolutely no knowledge that this contribution was from somebody who might have the audacity to give bribes to people who would send him business. Well, He could have found this out if He wanted to, but for a measly 30K?  Come on – that’s peanuts in a $1 billion operation.


    Money Makes Presidents

  • And the choice of Leon Peanuts as CIA director is being questioned?  By Democrats?  The Wrath of the Holy One will soon be coming to those with the temerity to question His judgement.


    Behold The Word Of The Chosen One

How can all these issues be just swept under the rug?  We simply have to pass judgement and call this Presidency-elect thingy failed.