Democrats Nuremburg Rally

Perhaps you need some European viewpoint to understand the Obamagasm that is the acceptance speech tonight:

And it will feature strategically placed “real people”, specially trained and scripted.

The AP story which ended up getting picked up far and wide was purged of any reference to them being flown in, trained to speak publicly in a “real” sounding way, and given tactically structured and timed scripts.

As usual, their tack is an attempt at impersonating actual Americans. All I can see by way of the coverage is that the press simply doesn’t question anything about the left. As awkward and implausible as it all looks, they play along. Michele Obama is suddenly transformed into someone who has never harbored a negativity for America, people with Kennedy signs suddenly appear from somewhere – “spontaneously”. Suddenly we are a nation of people who may pity ourselves because we proudly and meekly suffer working 9 jobs, etc., etc., etc.

Like the last however-many Democrat candidates have come up with of course, Barack Obama, a confused pacifist, is implausibly compared to John F. Kennedy, a war veteran who stared the Soviets down, and lowered taxes

Media Covers for Barack at Saddlesore Church

Sometimes its too easy to point out just how craven the media are in covering up all of Barry’s mistakes.

The appropriately named “The Fix” has some interesting observations:

Last night, Obama came across as thoughtful and introspective — his professorial background seemed to work in his favor.

Obama, on the other hand, offered a far more philosophical answer; “Whether you are looking at it from a theological or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade.”

Both Obama and McCain offered convincing — and strikingly similar — explanations for why they wanted to be president, a surprisingly difficult question for some politicians to answer. Obama centered his answer on the “basic idea of empathy” — that any person born in the United States can be anything he or she wants to be.

Pravda on the Left Coast:

As expected, Obama was a great conversationalist, offering thoughtful answers to tough questions.

Obama’s nuanced responses, in which he processed multiple sides of complex issues, contrasted with McCain’s direct replies.

Obama’s deeper exploration of issues tells us how he would think about education or a global threat,

It is also different backgrounds and training – a law professor like Obama is taught to see the difficulties and complexities, whereas a military officer such as McCain is schooled to find the path through them.

The Best Obamafacts – Part I

I can also heal the deaf

I can also heal the deaf

From the People’s Cube:

  1. When a tree falls in the forest, Obama hears it.
  2. Obama can clap with one hand.
  3. Obama can calculate your guilt just by looking at the numbers in your checkbook.
  4. A microphone into which Obama has spoken, heals asbestos-related disorders and colorectal cancer by direct application.
  5. Every time Obama talks about “hope,” coma patients regain consciousness and chant “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”
  6. Obama’s famous stare once converted 15 Islamic fundamentalists into secular progressives, all of whom are currently employed by Countrywide Home Loans.
  7. Everything Obama touches begins to vote Democrat.
  8. More dead people voted for Obama than for any other Democrat candidate in the history of Chicago politics.
  9. The tingle that crawled up Chris Matthews’ leg has taken control of his brain and is reporting a full preparedness to take over the world.

There’s lots more there – some of my suggestions:

  • Obama can cause your tires to correctly inflate to the appropriate pressure just by laying hands on your car hood
  • The delay in announcing his Vice Presidential candidate is caused by the genuflection which instinctively is practiced by all in his presence, the inability of mere mortals to look him in the eye, the inarticulate wonder of his presence is causing some interview problems
  • The water used to wash Obama’s shorts has caused spontaneous reanimation of the dead