New Jersey – Half Want to Leave

New Jersey – soon to be populated only with state government employees and retirees.

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If you live in New Jersey and are reading this post, chances are you want to get out, as a new poll shows that half of all New Jersey residents want to leave the state.
The reasons cited by most of those wanting to leave: high taxes, �the high cost of living, and high housing costs. And here’s worse news -�half of those wanting to leave are under the age of 50, and 60% are�making between $50-$60,000.00 per year.
the state is $58 billion in the hole thanks to the promise of “free” health care for retirees.
But in a way, the desire of these folks to leave is partially of their own making. They are the same ones voting in politicians that promise them the�moon, who refuse to cut spending, and who�somehow believe that “taxing the rich” is going to provide them with a never-ending stream of revenue.
Yes New Jersey, Atlas is�shrugging.�

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