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I don\'t know history - but I know Nazi is a bad name

The most beloved emblems of the modern Olympics have a decidedly dark past.

The torch relay that culminates in the ceremonial lighting of the flame at Olympic stadium was ordered by Adolf Hitler, who tried to turn the 1936 Berlin Games into a celebration of the Third Reich.

And it was Hitler’s Nazi propaganda machine that popularized the five interlocking rings as the symbol of the Games.

McConspiracy Revealed

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you McFree.
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The Real Truth about McDonald’s is that McDonald’s Burgers contain Narcotics!!!

Why do you think they call it a McHappy Meal – Burger, Fries & COKE!!!!
The next part of the McConspiracy???
Ronald McDonald will be self-promoted to position of World President, a sort of McHitler.

nazi ronald
His rule will be strictly enforced by the MSS (McDonald’s Secret Service), hordes of Mindless Zombies trained to exact retribution on anyone NOT giving Complete Allegiance to Fuehrer Ronald McDonald.

mcdonalds crew
No one will oppose the McConspiracy� for fear of removal of their McNarc Burger daily ration.
Have you ever seen the Movie or read the book Boys From Brazil? It’s about teenage boys in various locations around the world, all identical in appearance. It turns out that they were all Clones of Hitler. Just a story, but now it has happened for real…..
See the proof here firsthand for yourself, then try & deny the facts if you dare!!!

All I can say to the Citizens of Planet Earth is BE WARNED!!!
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Liberal Facism

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The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning

“Fascists,” “Brownshirts,” “jackbooted stormtroopers”—such are the insults typically hurled at conservatives by their liberal opponents. Calling someone a fascist is the fastest way to shut them up, defining their views as beyond the political pale. But who are the real fascists in our midst?
Contrary to what most people think, the Nazis were ardent socialists (hence the term “National socialism”). They believed in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They confiscated inherited wealth and spent vast sums on public education. They purged the church from public policy, promoted a new form of pagan spirituality, and inserted the authority of the state into every nook and cranny of daily life. The Nazis declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia, and gun control. They loathed the free market, provided generous pensions for the elderly, and maintained a strict racial quota system in their universities—where campus speech codes were all the rage.
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