Obama and the Childish Left

Hillary’s fall from grace has been amazingly quick, because the Dems — the Party of the Needy, those who Crave to be Cared For, the Emotional Victims — they have all found a new fuzzy toy to cling to. Hillary Clinton is now yesterday’s toy, lying discarded on the floor. And she knows it.
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Children often have fantasies about a Good Parent — one who loves you and takes care of you forever and ever, who forgives your transgressions whatever they may be, who demands nothing, and never, ever hurts your feelings. Obama is now the Good Parent of the childish Left — a good majority of the Dems, it would seem.
In a child’s mind the Good Parent is often played against a complementary fantasy, the Bad Parent — call them Republicans in this case. The Bad Parent stands for the sterner aspects of reality. Since Leftism is basically an infantile protest against adulthood, Republicans represent what Sigmund Freud called the Reality Principle.
Reality is the part of the world we all need to come to terms with in order to earn a living, to deal with losses in our lives, and still be productive and moral adults.
The childish Left constantly needs someone to adore — FDR, JFK, Bill Clinton before the Fall.
Meanwhile, the United States still needs a real adult to lead it through the next four or eight years.The nation is at war — though the infantile half of our population lives in denial. Benazir Bhutto was just assassinated in Pakistan, where the throw-back jihadists are eagerly looking for dirty bombs or worse. Ahmadi-Nejad just challenged the US Navy in the Strait of Hormuz with five suicide boats. Forty percent of the world’s oil goes through the bottleneck of the strait. Europe is in decline. The United Nations is hopelessly sleazy and corrupt. Almost twenty years of jihadist genocide in the Sudan continues today, with African victims galore. Kenya just exploded in an orgy of jihadist violence. Vladimir Putin is running a KGB state in Russia, threatening oil and gas cutoffs to our feckless allies in Europe. And President Bush is making a Hail Mary pass in the Middle East, hoping to make some progress by traveling there. The terrorists have promised to try to assassinate him, too.

The media aren’t interested. They’re back in the Kennedy days, swaddled in the warm blankets of their second childhood.

Boy, do we need the grownups today.

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