Malaysia firm’s ‘Muslim car’ plan

The Malaysian carmaker Proton has announced plans to develop an “Islamic car”, designed for Muslim motorists.

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unveiling of the Proton Persona sedan near Kuala Lumpur in August 2007

Proton is planning on teaming up with manufacturers in Iran and Turkey to create the unique vehicle.
Safety features or fuel economy is one way of selling a car, but Proton thinks vehicles designed specifically for Muslims across the world represent a huge gap in the market.
Proton is the most dominant car on the streets here but the company has suffered recently after the government allowed more foreign cars to be imported.
The car could boast special features like a compass pointing to Mecca and a dedicated space to keep a copy of the Koran and a headscarf.
The idea came during a visit to the Middle East by a delegation of Malaysian politicians and businessmen.
Malaysian press reports say officials in Iran originally suggested the idea.
The firm has been in talks recently with VW about a takeover by the German car giant.

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Muslim Men Emotionally Abused By Women’s Dress

So even with up to 4 wives, they are too distracted to pray?

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Malaysia’s Muslim men are suffering sleepless nights and cannot pray properly because their thoughts are distracted by a growing number of women who wear sexy clothes in public, a prominent cleric said.
“We always [hear about] the abuse of children and wives in households, which is easily perceived by the eye, but the emotional abuse of men cannot be seen,” Nik Abdul Aziz said. “Our prayers become unfocused and our sleep is often disturbed.”
His party’s Web site published an illustration Wednesday of how women should dress — in long, flowing headscarves covering their hair and chests and “baggy and loose” long-sleeved, floor-length dresses.

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