McCain Promises Eternal Dependence on Foreign Oil

Wind farms, Magic Beans, and Love will give us our future energy! Way to go Ace
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“No drilling in ANWR, nor in the Everglades, nor off the coast of Florida, nor off the coast of Florida… If states want to have drilling off their coast, as Louisiana does, that’s their right.
Some might consider this a dishonest “shuck and jive” pander to fuzzy-headed independents who think our energy woes can be solved by wind farms and Magic Beans.
Not so. This is Maverick talking here. This is the truth, straight up no chaser. We can miracle our asses into energy independence by continuing to pour billions into boondoggle “green sources” of energy.
He went on to promise that “before the end of my presidency, Detroit will produce a car that runs on love.

McCain’s lying here. Alaskans want ANWR tapped. Trouble is, the Federal government owns the land in question. It’s the Federal government making the decision to not drill in this Pristine Ecologically-Sensitive Wasteland and not the state itself.
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