Denver Post – I Want The Schools To Parent My Children

Yesterday’s (Sunday) DP has a big front-page screed about the urgent need to teach children how to have sex. Mark Thrun is identified as a physician at Denver Public Health and the co-parent (tipoff – if you don’t want to be known as “father” you probably are more than a little bit of a pussy-whipped Alan Alda caring and weeping proto-male) of two spirited little boys. He’s also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at CU focusing on AIDS research.

So what’s the big issue for the Post? The schools are not teaching kids enough about how to use condoms. In fact, 30 percent of the public schools are teaching abstinence (the horror! – teaching the one absolutely assured method of not getting pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease).

Of course, its all the fault of “a few vocal opponents of comprehensive sex ed” – which we all know is code for the sexually repressed white Christians who hate all people who aren’t white and Christian like them – the filthy Christians!

So why is it so important that public schools teach sex?

Occasionally, the brave among us might begin the conversations at home. Awkward and stinted, we try to muddle through “The Talk” as best we can.

Some of us, however, never even get that far. Instead, we assume that the educational system will step in. Or, at least, that is what we hope.

So I’m such a pussy I can’t talk to my children about sex – I want some stranger to tell them about it. I completely abdicate my responsibilities as a parent to the all-knowing, perfect government education system who will fill my kids brain with some information about sex – just so long as I don’t have to do it.

But then in steps the filthy idiots who don’t want to teach my children some things that I want them to know about – condoms, birth control, homosexuality, bestiality, polygamy, whatever. It would seem that logically this would be the point where I would step in as a parent and start providing whatever sexual information I wanted my children to know. If you are a parent and you want your kids to know this information – tell them. They are, after all, your children.

But this is apparently far too logical a choice for Dr. Thurn. His choice – pitch a hissy fit to force the schools to tell the kids what YOU want them to know regardless of what anyone else believes.

We abdicate our parental and societal obligations to our youth by choosing not to prepare them to be responsible when they do become sexually active.

This is where we as parents need to step in. It is imperative that we take on the task of encouraging and collaborating with schools to develop appropriate sex ed courses.

So you are willing to stand up to your right as a parent to scream and yell about what is being taught to everyone, but take absolutely no responsibility as a parent to teach your children what you want them to know?

Typical gutless liberalism.  Force everybody to believe as I do, just don’t make me actually do anything myself.

Spread the Guilt – A Progressive Task

A year of hopeless misery has passed, to be replaced by a year of disastrous crises: * Brutal dictator Bush remains at large, slaughtering hundreds of millions, crushing dissent, and creating the worst Presidential Crisis in history.
* Millions of troops are still bogged down in the worst Military Crisis in history, instead of doing what they enlisted for: Cleaning up debris from natural and man-made disasters, and participating in social experiments.
* Millions of Americans become homeless every day because of the worst Mortgage Crisis in history.
* Millions lose jobs every day because of the Unemployment Crisis caused by the looming Recession Crisis due to strike any day now.
* Millions of Undocumented-Americans become victims of the Immigration Crisis, forced to risk losing their cultural roots on a daily basis, by sneaking into this country as if they were criminals. Is it fair to deny them the same rights Bush has taken away from the rest of us, after t
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“I’m just as miserable as you, but I’m only one person,” you whine. “What can I do?”
I’m glad you’re miserable – and that you whined, my friend–for that means you are a true Progressive! But that is not enough. You MUST raise awareness about how miserable you are and how much you care! You MUST call everyone’s attention to the issues of grave concern to all of us who worry what others might say about us a hundred years from now!
You MUST make a resolution that every day of this year, you will make at least ten people around you feel guilty and miserable. Spread the guilt! We are here to help!

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