Dear RNC

Shakey Pete’s Shootin’ Shack has some interesting words for the great minds who are running the Republican Party into oblivion:

We lost that seat in Mississippi the other week because the Donks accused that guy of being in cahoots with the Klu Klux Klan. Oddly, there is an (ex?)Klansman who is the “dean of the Senate”. How does that work? How is it that you allow the Democrats, the Party of Slavery, the Party of the Klan, the Party of Jim Crow accuse our guys of racism? Why are you not buying time with excerpts of Democrat speeches. Perhaps that famous speech about having Old Glory tramped in the dirt, never to rise again from Byrd? How about Segregation Now, Segregation Forever from Wallace. Maybe some juicy quotes from Orville Faubus? How about telling everyone just which Democrat who, on assuming the Presidency in 1913, fired or demoted so many Black Americans in government service and re-segregated Washington DC?

Yes, Republicans – if you don’t defend yourself you will be swamped in lies.  And that’s why we know John “Not Going To Go Negative” McCain is going to be devastated with lies, innudendo, and smears this fall.  If your opponents know you won’t fight back it just frees them to come up with even more things with which to beat you.  In fact, you get things like this one from the KosKiddies (documented at LGF since they chickened out and took down the image):

Yes – this is what they want the image of Republicans to be.  In fact, this seems to be their wet dream – Republicans torturing black women while burning up the middle class.  And if you aren’t going to stand up and act like you have a pair then you can count on losing so big you won’t even begin to understand just what hit you.

Your enemies can and will destroy you.  Its your fault if you just sit back and let them.