A Cry for Help

Sometimes a cry needs to be answered. So we have this frantic message from W. Christopher Epler:

Once upon a time, most of us had Republican friends and neighbors. Sure, we didn’t agree all the time, but there was almost always a significant degree of mutual respect, much like being the “loyal opposition” to each other’s party.

this was the good ol’ days when we had a viable two party system and this dynamic was the engine of American politics — and “in general” Democrats and Republicans got along tolerably well.

Ah yes, the good old days when Democrats ran the government, rain fell on each part of the country as needed, the gentle feeling of peace and brotherhood ruled in the land, and we actually knew someone who was a Republican.

Except, of course, for that facist Nixon with his Himmler-like henchman Kissinger, and that incompetent boob Ford, and that fascist incompetent cowboy actor Reagan, who was just channeling the fancifully remembered 1950’s good-times feeling of that idiot Eisenhower.

Gentle discourse between Democrats and Republicans allowed the ship of good government to sail smoothly along the waters of the second half of the twentieth century. We had kind words for all, except for the important stuff like the War in Vietnam and the draft and the facist corporations on campus making napalm to kill innocent Vietnamese citizens and the nuclear holocaust that the idiot Reagan was bringing down on our heads by his being nasty to the Russians and that first failed Hitler-like move in the Middle East of the first President Bush and don’t even get me started on the apartheid of the Jews against the poor Palestinians. Right Mr. Epler? Or is the the time when Republicans just rolled over and gave the Democrats what they wanted?

So this wonderful imaginary time is replaced with what?:

Alas, all that is now deader than dead, since the closest thing we have to a two party system now are fascists vs. progressives. The DLC establishment Democratic Party has basically been eaten alive by the Bush/Republican Party. Establishment Democrats (e.g., Pelosi, Reed, and Clinton) have all turned out to be closet Bush/Republicans. Hillary Clinton is a veritable female clone of George W. Bush and she’s the number one presidential candidate for Carville-type beltway Democrats!

If you think Hillary Clinton, who wants to nationalize one-seventh of the national economy in order to “give” health care to everyone, who has promised to “take” the profits from oil companies, who has promised to “take things away from you for the common good”– that Hillary — is anything like George W Bush then you have gone so far into the fever swamps it will take two trains and a bus ride to get to you. The Democrat party stands for the nationalization of healthcare, increasing taxes, diminished living standards, surrender to our enemies, the ability to abort babies up to the second of birth, and the repudiation of the entire American culture. If you think that ANY of that would appeal to any Republican then its been so long since you actually talked to one that you have completely forgotten anything about Republicans.

The mistake that Republicans made for decades was to simply “go along” with the Democrats. Confronting the leftists, progressives, communists and Marxists in this country who wanted to destroy it is what got America out of the malaise of Jimmy Carter and into the world leadership role it enjoys today. We are NOT going to surrender to the Islamists, we will find and kill those who want to kill us. We do NOT want to understand why they hate us. Like the Germans and Japanese we simply want to kill them until they decide that getting along with us is better than dying.

But back to your plea. Your cry is a parody of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

1. BusHitler – check:

Bush/fascist financial insanities and illegalities in the trillions!

Democracy and the Earth are being voraciously murdered by Bush/fascist psychopaths

And our Democratic Republic (going back to President Lincoln — a Republican) has been replaced by Bush/fascists with an American early 3rd millennia version of the German 3rd Reich.

who loath and fear what these Bush neo Nazis (which is EXACTLY what they are!)

fighting for their lives against the 4th Reich of George W. Bush.

if we don’t WORK TOGETHER to get rid of these literal neo Nazis, our planet and Democracy are doomed.

Herr George W. Bush

We get it – you watch a lot of WWII movies. You obviously have no clue as to what the Nazis really were either. Are you scared you will be rounded up and put into a concentration camp for criticizing the Bush Administration? Absolutely not, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting them on the internet just hoping the world will see them. But flaccid thinking on the left has meant we have to endure a half century of fascist allusions. Here’s a thought, if you really want to pull out a despicable human being compare them to Stalin or Mao. They killed many more people than Hitler. They also were great believers in income equality. No income for anyone!

2. Denigrate the intelligence of Republicans – check:

Maybe it has something to do with being blessed with 70 IQ’s.

3. Anti-Christian references – check:

remember that dipstick Armageddon religious fanatics think the Earth is going to go *boom* any day now

until the time was right to reemerge as the metastasized cancer (and anti-Christ?) of Herr George W. Bush

4. Overhyped and hysterical rhetoric – check:

EVERYTHING we hear now about global warming, ozone holes, oceanic pollution, etc., is the death rattle of the ecosystem of the planet.

You folks must realize by now that if we don’t WORK TOGETHER to get rid of these literal neo Nazis, our planet and Democracy are doomed.

The planet is doomed? Really? The earth will cease to exist? The ecosystem of the entire planet is doomed? The human race will be wiped out? Democrats will be no more? Progressives won’t have anyone or anything to whine about? If only those last two were true.

But you don’t believe that any more than you believe that mankind can make any difference in the weather systems of this planet. Its just another eco-freak code phrase for “I hate myself for living comfortably, but I’m still a good person because I scream and yell about the environment”. If you truly believe the entire earth is dying, just what do you think you can do to fix it? Recycle your aluminum cans and wear hemp? Are you willing to give up all technology, all medicines, all of civilization and go back to living in caves and burning wood? And if you do, are you SURE it will change the weather? Is today’s weather the only good weather? 100,000 years ago North America was covered with ice. Was that the proper temperature for North America? The whole of the central American continent has been a great inland sea many times. It was warmer then than now – was that the right temperature?

In short, you aren’t asking for help. You just want people to agree with you regardless of whether you are right or wrong. Republicans don’t believe in doing the wrong thing just because its politically correct and feels good.