My Christmas Gift

As often happens this time of year, during the night Paula got cold and she rolled over and gave me a hug in order to “steal my warmth” as she so wonderfully puts it.  I have been thinking the past few days of all the men who would give everything they had if their Christmas gift was to have their wife roll over and give them a hug – but their wife isn’t there any more.

No rational person would wish to go through the tests and surgeries and treatments and hospital visits and chemotherapies and all that goes with a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Yet, with all that this year has brought us I am grateful that Paula was persistent in going back to the doctors when the initial test results indicated that there was no cancer.  I’m so grateful that we had the help of all the surgeons and oncologists and nurses and all the people who make it their job to help people who are literally facing death.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support of our friends and families.  I can only offer my heartfelt thanks.

And the only Christmas gift I want for the rest of my life is to be Paula’s “hot water bottle”.

Medical Future – Robots

Medical Robot

u-BOT 5 is a robot designed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts. It was made to help old people should something happen to them. Its capabilities include “picking up small objects, dialing 911 and even using a stethoscope to check vitals.” It packs a webcam, microphone, LCD touchscreen, WiFi, and could potentially be used to make virtual housecalls . As you can see from the picture, if you ever fall and can’t get up there’s nothing to fear when uBOT-5 is near. He’ll just wheel himself over and, uh, kidney punch you with his little ball-hands.

Personal Appeal of Conservatism

Do any of the Republican candidates left actually believe it?
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It the Reagan Revolution is stalled in this election cycle, it is because those at the head of the movement have stopped emphasizing its personal appeal to the average American
While folks who listen to Limbaugh can proclaim their core beliefs from the rooftops, liberal “values” must be slowly indoctrinated into the mainstream. This is why liberal talk radio is such a failure. Except for their radical base, not many people can take the left-wing mantra straight up.

Whatever polls may say, the majority of the American people do not embrace higher taxes, the culture of perpetual victimhood, government intervention in their lives, the taking of innocent life, and the defeat of our military at the hands of those who would see us all dead.

The first candidate who climbs up on the rooftop with the Rush and the rest of us and shouts these things out loud will be the one who walks away with the prize this summer.
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