John McCain – No Conservative

And Kathy over at Hang Right Politics has the goods:

Republican special interests? That would be those of us who believe in the Constitution including free speech and gun rights… Those are the special interests that McCain has ’snubbed’. In light of his scorched earth policy one wonders how he expects those whose concerns he either ignored or combatted outright to respond to his candidacy?

There is an “Anybody But McCain” faction in our party who aren’t willing to allow the Washington Post and the liberal media to choose the republican candidate. If anyone wonders how a male Hillary would act and talk – look at John McCain.

If the country is intent on electing a liberal, then it shouldn’t be from the GOP. Liberal policies always backfire and lay the groundwork for a strong conservative comeback, if the liberal is in the GOP our party can’t make a ‘comeback’. Running someone like McCain whose temperament, judgment, and allegiances are not consistent with conservatism will be a devastating blow to our party.

McCain has split the party proudly. He has called the religious right ‘agents of intolerance’. He has no use for conservatives. The only conservatives who would support this guy must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or battered wife syndrome or some other masochistic malady. He has shown us who he is, there is no mystery. We ignore that at our own peril.