Difference Between God and Obama

Of course I got started on this thing based on Rush’s show from yesterday, but I had a few additional thoughts:

  • God doesn’t think he’s Obama
  • Obama gets better press
  • God changes the weather for free, Obama will tax you to do it
  • God actually can change the weather
  • God has a written plan which people have actually read
  • God doesn’t have to guess on what is saved or created
  • Obama wasn’t asked by Rev. Wright to damn America
  • God knows that letting government run health care won’t save any money
  • God doesn’t think your politics determine right and wrong
  • Obama believes the color of your skin makes a difference
  • God numbers the hairs of your head, Obama numbers the dollars in your wallet
  • God doesn’t have a pay czar
  • God only wants 10%
  • While God listens to Algore, he doesn’t believe him
  • God doesn’t want false flattery
  • God would never put Joe Biden one heartbeat away from the Presidency