Personal Check for $272,000?

So would YOU take a personal check for over a quarter of a million bucks from this woman?

Police say a 31-year-old woman wrote a bad check for $272,000 to buy a home near Hi-Mark Golf Course.

Tonda Fosdick, who listed her address as Englewood, Colo., was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of writing an insufficient funds check, a felony because it was more than $1,500.

Officer Katie Flood said police began investigating Fosdick on allegations of fraud, after she had married a mildly mentally handicapped 23-year-old in April and allegedly applied for a number of credit cards in his name.

Flood alleged Fosdick made $26,000 in purchases on the credit cards.

What a wonderful example of Colorado Womanhood.  We can only hope that Nebraska keeps her under lock and key for a while.  Interesting that writing the check is a felony, but marriage fraud and taking advantage of someone who is mentally handicapped doesn’t seem to be a crime.  It certainly seems like it should be.

Fraud vs Science

James Lewis has a great article on the difference between science and the fraud that is the bovine bleatings of Algore:

In normal science the burden of proof is on the proposer. Albert Einstein had to prove in his historic 1905 paper that there was a fundamental flaw in classical physics. The distinctive predictions of Relativity Theory had to be verified for decades afterwards. Some are still being tested today. His predecessor Max Planck remarked that he encountered so much skepticism that he had to wait for the older generation of physicists to die off before his work was accepted.

This is why you can always tell when the hysterical cries of “denier” start being spewn about – you aren’t dealing with science, you are dealing with faith and religion. It is not the responsibility of the man-made global warming skeptic to present their facts to disprove this religion; it is the responsibility of the tax grubbing puke putting forward this swill to prove their case. But that might just be a little difficult since:

There are no facts robust enough, consistent enough, and verified enough to support the mass hysteria. The climate system is hypercomplex, nonlinear and poorly understood. The media spinners are immensely ignorant about real science, and just care about the next scare headline. There’s a lot of wild speculation and a mob of self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and media types who stand to gain a ton of power and money by suckering millions of taxpayers. Al Gore just started a 300 million dollar PR campaign to convince everybody. When was the last time you saw 300 million bucks being spent to promote a scientific hypothesis that was already proven? We’re not spending millions to prove the existence of gravity. The uproar and money involved in this fraud is in direct proportion to the lack of solid facts.

I’d also like to actually have the Great and Powerful Gore actually prove he has 300 million of anything besides air molecules inside his skull where his brain ought to be, but that’s another case. The real truth is:

The last ten years have seen global cooling, not warming.

Temperatures over the last hundred years look like the stock market: ups and downs, a very slow rise of a fraction of a degree until the late 1990s, then a drop for the last ten years, with so much cooling in the last year as to cancel out a century of warming. Why? Nobody really knows, but Mr. Sun is the logical suspect.

Look it up. But don’t get caught in the trap of proving the negative. In normal, healthy science, the skeptics ask questions. It is the proponents who carry the burden of proof.

Sure Sign of Guilt – Bring Out the Lynch Mob Allusion


Democrat Kwame Kilpatrick – the Mayor of Detroit who is accused of helping his aide (who he was having an affair with) perpetrate fraud to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars – brings out the last desperate cry of the oppressed:

In the past 30 days, I’ve been called a n—– more than any time in my entire life. In the past three days I have received more death threats than I have in my entire administration. I’ve heard these words before, but I’ve never heard people say them about my wife and children.

I don’t believe that a Nielsen rating is worth the life of my children or your children.

This unethical, illegal lynch-mob mentality has to stop.

P.S.  is there any mention in this story that the Mayor is a Democrat?