Caftans and Velvet Inner-Tubes

As always the lovely ladies at Go Fug Yourself give us the appropriate response to this:

In our absence last week, an immense number of e-mails arrived in our Inbox claiming that Mary-Kate Olsen threw caution to the wind and wore something totally deranged.

I can’t figure out what those people meant. Caftans and velvet inner-tubes are all the rage in my house.

Leann – Fire Your Stylist

As noted in their wonderful humor, the Ladies at Go Fug Yourself had this to say about the following:

A comment we often make about LeAnn Rimes is, “Well, considering she grew up in the industry, she seems pretty normal, and somehow she got into her twenties without flashing her chamber of secrets all over town.”

Here’s hoping that was still true once the CMT Awards ended.

Wow, right? I’m also deeply unimpressed with the orthopedic Tin Man clodhoppers she’s got on her feet, but mostly, I’m hoping that if LeAnn pulls a chain the scallops will descend like a window-shade down toward her knees so she can sit down without contracting anything.

Dead Birds

As always, the lovely ladies at Go Fug Yourself have their say:


Still love the dress — it fits her beautifully — and on its own it might’ve saved the uninspiring hair. But those accessories are so over the top, as if her local Claire’s store got sloshed on bourbon and threw up all over her head. The earrings, the choker, the two plastic-looking lengths of beads…

… and of course, a shoulder flower, because what this outfit needs is a fake fuchsia blossom that looks more like a tiny bird flew into her shoulder and met its grisly death. Seriously, looking at this close-up, you’d think she were attending the Union of Frontier Bordello Madams Local No. 102 annual meeting, where they’re voting on a controversial proposal mandating regular syphilis tests and discussing a ban on nooses during foreplay.

Does PETA have a Muppet Division?

She also looks like her downtime was spent underground somewhere – as in with the living dead. Only in Hollywood do they work so hard to make beautiful women into ghouls.
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It seems like as soon as I asked the internet about the whereabouts of Mischa Barton, she appeared all over the place and on the cover of everything.
Sadly, it seems as though she’s been using her downtime to do something unspeakable to Oscar the Grouch, not even giving him the honor of being an entire coat, but simply making him into sleeves. As a huge fan of the seminal tune “I Love Trash,” — truly, it’s neck and neck with “Rubber Ducky” as the best Sesame Street song ever, in my opinion, with honorable mention going to “C Is For Cookie,”
I wonder if PETA has a Muppet Division?
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