Yet Another Reason For A Senate Cleansing

They want to reprimand a Senator for using delivering babies – for FREE!  As in – no charge ma’am.

Senator Coburn is ready for a showdown with the Senate Ethics Committee. At issue is his practice as an obstetrician. When he became senator he had to give up charging for delivering babies because senators are not allowed outside income. But Coburn has continued and is just not charging the women. He is paying his own malpractice insurance himself. The problem that the Ethics Committee has is that the hospital where he delivers the babies is a for-profit hospital and Senate rules forbid such potential conflicts of interest. Coburn, who is one tough guy, is willing to bring the whole issue out into the public and force a vote on whether he should be penalized for delivering babies for free even if the hospital he does it at is trying to make a profit.

One has to wonder though.  Because lately Senator Coburn has been a real pain in the butt to the whole US Senate over the fact that they are putting earmarks into unrelated bills and generally taking the sweat and blood of taxpayers and using it as paybacks for campaign contributions.  Could that be the real deep-down cause of the issue here Senators?

However, I love his combatativeness.  Hey – they want to reprimand him for delivering crack babies for free (while paying his malpractice insurance out of his own Senatorial salary) – then they can bloody well come into the well of the Senate and go on record saying they believe that is a bad thing.

Good on ya Tom!

Delivering Babies for Free is Wrong!

Delivering Babies for Free is Wrong!