Pinheaded Schmuck Endorses Democrat

Of all the things that the Senate Republicans did wrong in 2006, giving their backing to a little weasel like Lincoln Chaffee (and opposing a good conservative candidate in the primary) stands as example number 1 of why they lost control of the Senate.

And how does this ingrate repay Senator McCain who campaigned for him?

 Former Rhode Island Republican Sen. Lincoln Chafee told reporters this morning that he is backing Sen. Barack Obama, despite the fact that Sen. John McCain campaigned for him in his failed 2006 re-election bid.

Asked whether McCain, the Republican nomination frontrunner, should take offense at the endorsement, Chafee said these things happen in politics. “I’m sure Sen. McCain will understand,” he said.

How does that little knife in the back feel Senator McCain?  Now multiply that many times to get close to why conservatives hate you and your candidacy.

Clinton “Victim” Defense Apparently Backfires

The trouble began when Clinton waffled on a debate question about Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. The story gained new life two days later when Clinton said it wasn’t easy competing in “the all-boys’ club” of presidential politics.The political fallout from the episode remains unclear. Clinton sagged in a CNN national poll and a New Hampshire poll taken by Rasmussen, but preserved double-digit leads. She maintained a 21-point lead in yesterday’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll despite low marks for honesty, likability and sharing her positions on issues.

“You start off the campaign by saying you’re the toughest one out there. And then you whine about everything?” said Joe Trippi, a John Edwards aide.

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After Hillary Rodham Clinton’s floundering
finale at last week’s debate in Philadelphia, her campaign counterattacked immediately, almost instinctively
They portrayed her as a victim.
In the week following the debate, Clinton and her proxies have suggested, at various times, that she was the victim of sexism, a group ambush by her enemies and journalistic bias. Then, on Tuesday, Bill Clinton declared her Democratic foes had subjected her to a “Swift Boat”-style attack
More than a week into Clinton’s worst campaign crisis, it appears the tactic has backfired
“If the campaign could take back last week, with the ‘don’t pick on me’ debate reaction, they would,” a top Clinton donor told Newsday. “Was their reaction to the debate spot-on? No. Did they give out mixed signals? Absolutely.”
Sensitive to such criticism, the Clinton camp toned down its post-debate kvetch-a-thon, issuing a stunning disavowal of Bill Clinton’s “Swift Boat” claim Tuesday

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