UK Jails Too Cushy To Break Out Of

Jail Too Sweet to Leave

Yet another reason for anybody living in the UK to start emigration right away:

Inmates enjoy such comfort in jail that they are ignoring chances to escape, a prison officers’ leader has claimed.

In one example, a drug dealer regularly broke into a Yorkshire jail over a six-month period, using a ladder to climb the walls and supply inmates with drugs and mobile phones.

The intruder walked across the yard with the ladder and used it to climb up to a cell window, which had been pulled apart with a crowbar and covered by a dummy grille.

Glyn Travis, the assistant general secretary of the Prison Officers’ Association, said: “It was an extraordinary case because none of the prisoners inside tried to escape when no doubt they had the opportunity.

“It tells me there’s something wrong in society when people are breaking into prisons to bring in drugs, but the prisoners are quite happy to stay inside.”

Do they employ guards at any of these prisons?  Apparently that’s one really cushy job.  But listen to the prisoners:

Inmates at a top security prison recently told Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, that conditions there were like a “holiday camp”.

They said they enjoyed the use of satellite television and video game consoles as well as their free bed and board.

Prisoners receive wages topped up by bonuses for good behaviour, while drugs are sometimes cheaper in jail than on the streets.

It is understood that there have also been examples of prostitutes being smuggled into HMP Sudbury, a Category D prison, in Derbyshire.\

They get paid to sit around and play video games, take drugs, and have sex with prostitutes?  No wonder none of them want to break out.

Today’s Scientific Duuuuh Moment

Entire NFL is shocked!
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NASHVILLE, Tenn.—New research from Vanderbilt University shows for the first time that the brain processes aggression as a reward – much like sex, food and drugs – offering insights into our propensity to fight and our fascination with violent sports like boxing and football.
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33 Civilian Deaths Per Day

Welcome to…..Venezuela. The socialist/communist paradise.
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Quick, which nation shows average civilian deaths at 33 a day in the last third of 2007? Now name the one where civilian deaths average 19 a day? If you guessed Iraq and Venezuela, you’d have it backward.
Shocking? Of course. But true. With even Venezuelan officials admitting their country clocked 12,249 murders in 2007, Hugo Chavez’s socialist “sea of happiness” resembles a war zone. In December alone, Venezuela had 670 murders while Iraq had 476 — and that number is falling fast.
Meanwhile, night travel is strongly discouraged and no one wears jewelry openly. Security guards pack big firepower to guard tiny businesses like bakeries, and bulletproof cars are common.
Cuban doctors sent for propaganda purposes to help the poor often flee for their safety, leaving boarded up “free” health care kiosks in Caracas slums like Petare and Catia.
willingness to fight and to win is the difference between the brave Iraqi and American war effort and the festering mess in Chavez’s chaotic Venezuela.
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Marine’s Grave Desecrated

Some have no decency.

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To Jeremy Burris the word “liberty” was more than the name of his hometown. It was something worth fighting for.An all-American kid from a little all-American town, the 22-year-old Marine lance corporal died heroically in Iraq. More than a thousand people turned out Wednesday as a white hearse carried his body to burial in the historic 1800s Cooke Memorial Cemetery.

Within hours, the grave was desecrated. About 30 sprays of flowers were ripped apart, petals strewn over the loose earth. Flags decorating the gravesite were also torn down and sentimental notes and posters shredded.

“It looked like a big debris field about 40 feet square,” said Liberty Police Chief Mike Cummings. “This wasn’t done by the wind or animals. It was obviously intentional.

Minutes before his death, he rescued two soldiers wounded when a device exploded under their military vehicle. When Burris returned to the vehicle to retrieve some sensitive equipment, another bomb detonated, killing him, his family said.

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Scum of the Month Club gets a new member:

 The recent desecration of Marine Lance Cpl. Jeremy Burris’ grave in Liberty County was not an anti-war protest or Halloween prank, police say, but a simple act of theft.

Investigators said Thursday that Wallace Ray DeBlanc, 41, ripped the 25 floral arrangements apart for the wire stands (worth about $1.50 each), a pewter cross and other decorations that could be resold to floral shops.

Liberty Police Chief Mike Cummings estimates DeBlanc, who has given police a statement, got $30 to $50 for the items. He has been charged with two felonies: theft of property from a grave and criminal mischief to a human burial site.

Probably for drugs I’m sure.  And the reaction of the young Marine’s mother?

(LeBlanc) needs our prayers now,” said Burris’ mother, Karla.

“We’re not angry, not trying to get back at him. He committed a crime and he has to pay for it.”

Jeremy Burris, who was home-schooled and liked to lead the worship services in his church, was the oldest of her seven children. The Burrises have two other sons in the military: one in Iraq and another who just joined and will be headed there soon.

“This arrest is a relief,” she said. “It puts the period at the end of the sentence.

Somehow I don’t think I would be quite as forgiving.  And its good to know that the state of Texas is a little more hard-nosed.

If convicted of the latest charges, DeBlanc could receive up to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine for each one.